Exploring Urca

Exploring Urca


On Friday, our group headed to Urca, a neighborhood in the south part of Rio. Urca is home to two small beaches, but is better known for being the cable car entrance point for Sugar Loaf Mountain. Exiting the bus, we were pleasantly surprised by the excellent street level views of the cable cars making their way up through the sky to Sugar Loaf Mountain. The beach, just a three minute walk from the bus stop, was clean and tranquil. My husband and I took a mental note to visit the beach here again one day when we want to avoid the chaos of Copacabana and Ipanema. From the beach, our group casually took in the peaceful sights of the Urca Marina, home to a wide variety of fishing and sailing boats. We got some great shots of the marina against the sunset before heading on to a street-side neighborhood bar. The last two hours of our Urca trip were spent enjoying some garrafas along the wall lining the marina. This was my favorite part of the outing…not just because I love beer, but because of the great conversations had with other Rio and Learn students. Looking forward to more of this to come!

Rossean Dragos, United States.


Urca is one of the most popular neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro, because it has beutiful landscapes, for example: The Sugar Loaf, Praia Vermelha and Praia da Urca. Besides that, from Urca we can see The Christ Redeemer and Rio-Niterói bridge. We left the school and headed to Urca to explore it. We walked through its main points and we had a nice opportunity to practice Portuguese and know more vocabulary. In the end we stayed on the beach  to see the sunset and we met a group of students from UNIRIO. The could talk very well with native speakers. Come and take part at RioLIVE!

A Urca é um dos bairros mais conhecidos do Rio de Janeiro, pois possui belas paisagens, como por exemplo: o Pão de açúcar, a Praia Vermelha e a Pria da urca. Além disso, da Urca conseguimos ver o Cristo Redentor e a ponte Rio-Niterói. Saímos da escola e nos dirigimos ao bairro para desbravá-lo. Caminhamos pelos principais pontos do bairro e tivemos uma ótima oportunidade para praticarmos português e conhecermos novas palavras nesse idioma. no final, sentamos na areia da praia da Urca  para ver o pôr do sol e conhecemos um grupo de alunos de nutrição da Universidade UNIRIO. Os alunos se comunicaram muito bem em português. Venha você também participar da RioLIVE!
















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