Favela Complexo do Alemão

Favela Complexo do Alemão

Portuguese students discovering Favela Complexo do Alemão with local guides
Portuguese students visiting Favela Complexo do Alemão with local guides.

L’excursió que hem fet a la favela ha sigut una experiència increible! El fet de poder veure i viure per unes hores la vida del Complexo do Alemão amb la companyia de les nostres guies Mariluce i la seva germana Noemi ha sigut una experiència molt autèntica,  que recomanaria a tot aquell que visiti Rio i que no només es conformi amb les platges i zones turístiques, hi han altres realitats a aquesta ciutat i a més a més poder conèixer-ho amb aquestes noies que vieuen desde sempre al Complexo es molt millor. Moltes gràcies i fins la propera!

Noemi Sala, Spain.

Yesterday our Portuguese students went to visit “Complexo do Alemão” favela with Mariluce and Noemi, two local guides from there. As usual they were very nice with our students. First they raised up to the top of the favela, with the “teleférico”. Views were absolutely incredible, all our students were stunned by Complexo’s dimensions.

Once our students were at the top, they found some handicraft that women from the favela do. Everything was very beautiful with lots of colours. Then, our guides show them all the neighbourhood and they also explained what is going on in the favela.

Our students had lots of questions and Mariluce and Noemi answered everything, as they live there and no one knows Complexo do Alemão much better than them. As our students were walking they were discovering a new anecdote every time.

It was a bit hot as the summer is nearly arriving in Rio de Janeiro, so the students share a beer with our local guides sitting and chatting for a while, they also talked with the shop-keepers from the area. Our students were so thankful for their hospitality!

It was a perfect afternoon!

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