3 de February de 2014

How are you doing? In this very special day, we will learn about a truly carioca sport. And when I say truly, I mean it! For a long time, it was considered a fun game to have at the beach. But as time went by, people began to take it seriously and even develop competitions and championships in Brazil. We will talk today about frescobol, the game itself, the rules and what you need to play (paddles and balls!). By the end of this class, you will be like any carioca playing frescobol in Copacabana while learning Portuguese, I am sure!

What is Frescobol?

The frescobol is a sport played by two or more sets of people, normally at the beach. But how does the frescobol game was created? Well, frescobol is actually carioca, born in Copacabana beach in Brazil!
Let us tell you this amazing history. In the 50’s, there was this guy called Caio Rubens Romero Lyra, but let’s just call him Caio. Caio loved to play tennis at Copacabana beach with his friends. The problem began after a while: the rackets they used would get quickly ruined by the sea air. So, Caio thought: let’s created wood paddles that will resist the sea air and last longer! He asked a carpenter friend to design the first paddle set and went on to test it.
And friends, it was a total hit! The special thing behind frescobol was that it is a completely cooperative game. Unlike other sports that might look similar, this carioca sport is about commitment and friendship.

Frescobol Rules

The goal of the game is to never let the ball touch the ground. Simple, right? Yet, for it to happen, players must help each other by keeping the ball in the air. Each player has their turn, and they must achieve equilibrium to keep the game going on! So, don’t start planning evasive attacks or other regular tennis moves: you need the help of your friend to win this one!

Paddles, Balls and… Swimsuits?

Anyone can play frescobol in Rio de Janeiro! Most people think they need a racket or a bat to play frescobol, but the correct term is paddles! So, to play it with your friends you must have a paddle set, a frescobol ball and… well, some clothing, right? Since it is practiced at the beach, it is common to see players wearing trunksshorts, bikini or swimsuit. And for those who enjoy nudist beaches, there’s no need for clothes πŸ˜‰

Review the Frescobol Vocabulary

raquetes de madeirawood paddles
praia de nudismonudist beaches

Have you seen any carioca playing frescobol at the beaches in Brazil? Is there a typical sport from your city or country? What about a sport that was created in your country? Tell us everything in the comments! Let’s share our knowledge! And if you want to know more about typical carioca sports, follow our album on Pinterest called Sports & Rio de Janeiro.

Later y’all!

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