Metaphony in Portuguese

Metaphony in Portuguese. Plural Metafonico. Caroço, caroços. Jogo, jogos. Olho, olhos. Ovo, ovos. Porco, porcos.

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Today we’ll learn about a sound variation that happens in portuguese when some words change into its plural form. This metaphony in portuguese is known as Plural metafônico.

Hi guys! Our Video Dica today is about an interesting sound variation of Portuguese.
Plural metafônico is the variation of the vowel O from its low tone to its high tone when the word comes to its plural form. Let’s see some examples. Repeat after me; Ô, Ó, Ô, Ó. Novo (new), novos (new), tijolo (brick), tijolos (bricks). Now, let’s see some sentences:


O caroço do abacate.
The avocado seed/pit.

Os caroços da melancia.
The watermelon seeds/pits.

O jogo não foi bom.
The game wasn’t good.

Rio de Janeiro vai sediar os jogos Olímpicos.
Rio de Janeiro will host the Olympic games.

Tem um cisco no meu olho.
There’s a speck in my eye.

Pablo tem olhos castanhos.
Pablo has brown eyes.

O ovo de galinha.
The chicken egg.

Os ovos de codorna.
The quail eggs.

Um porco.
One pig.

Dois porcos.
Two pigs.

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Metaphony in Portuguese. O caroco do abacate.Metaphony in Portuguese. Os carocos da melanciaVariation of the vowel O. O jogo nao foi bom.Variation of the vowel O. Rio de janeiro vai sediar os jogos olimpicos.Olho, olhos. Eye, eyes. Tem um cisco no meu olho. There's a speck in my eye.Eye, eyes. Pablo tem olhos castanhos. Pablo has brown eyes.Egg, egg. O ovo de galinha. Chicken egg.Egg, eggs. Os ovos de codorna.A pig. Um porco.Metaphony in Portuguese. Variation of close vowels to open vowels. Two pigs. Dois porcos.

Ok guys! Now that you can pronounce the different sounds of the letter O in singular and plural form, can you tell us some other words with this metaphony in Portuguese?
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