Portuguese at Complexo do Alemão

Portuguese at Complexo do Alemão

Our Portuguese students were talking Portuguese at Complexo do Alemão.
Our students were talking Portuguese at Complexo do Alemão.

Me gustó conocer la belleza diferente de Río, fue como estar en otro lugar. El Complexo do Alemão es un buen lugar para visitar.

David Gómez, Colombia

Yesterday we went to talk Portuguese at Complexo do Alemão as we visited this union of different favelas with more than 400,000 inhabitants. Thanks to this visit our students knowed from our local guide Mariluce, how is life in favelas and what are the problems that a resident can have usually.

We started taking the Teleférico do Alemão separated in four different boxes as we were 18 people in total. The Teleférico has 5 different stations, and the final station is Palmeiras. When we arrived at Palmeiras Mariluce showed to us the new Biblioteca (library), a beautiful place where young kids study and where you have a photograph exposition of Complexo do Alemão.

After that we went out and after drink some water, our student Peter did a picture of our malandro student Miguel in front of a nice street graffiti. Peter is a journalist and took lots of interesting pictures around.

We walk by Complexo do Alemão as Mariluce explained things about the problem with the rubbish on the favela and lots of other stories. We stopped to have an açaí, that is a fruit that just exists in Brazil on a store that have a very good and cheap açaí. It is delicious!

After learning lots of things about the place we said goodbye to Mariluce and we took the teleférico were we returned to Bonsucesso Station to take our bus back Zona Sul.

We were 16 students talking Portuguese at Complexo do Alemão. Our students were from Germany, France, Japan, USA, Perú, Chile, Colombia, Israel, Austria, Denmark, Belgium and Croatia.

See some pictures below!

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