CELPE-Bras Preparation

R$ 3.383,00

Prepare for the Brazilian Portuguese Proficiency exam CELPE-Bras with our special course. See here the specifications of the course:

  • 30 hours Course
  • Tips to improve the performance in the CELPE-Bras exam
  • CELPE-Bras exam simulations
  • 3 hours of class per day, from Monday to Friday
  • 2 weeks duration
  • Classes from 2 pm to 5 pm (GTM-3)
  • Classes are held at Rio & Learn School or online



Your CELPE-Bras preparation classes will be focused on helping you achieve your best results. We’ll bring you tips and simulations of the real CELPE-Bras exam.

On our 30 hours CELPE-Bras preparation course you are going to learn in details how the official Brazilian proficiency exam works and how to get ready for it. Our classes have simulations of the written and oral exam following the structure of the real test. You’ll have tips on how to write compositions of different styles and make you comfortable with the oral evaluation. By the end of this proficiency exam preparation course you’ll be ready to show your best performance in the exam.

We are going to help you develop you listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. For that you be daily exposed to exercises similar to the ones there are in the real proficiency exam. Interviews, free talking, writing articles or long texts. All that will make you feel confident and safe with your Portuguese.

But remember, for you to do the CELPE-Bras preparation course it’s important to know Portuguese already. If you don’t speak Portuguese, we recommend you take any of our Portuguese courses with us and then do the CELPE-Bras preparation.

Here is the official website to subscribe for the exam in case you are doing it in Brazil. You can also do the exam in your country by contacting the Brazilian consulate and checking for the information there.

If you are willing to do the Brazilian proficiency exam in your country, you can also choose to have the CELPE-Bras preparation classes online.