Urca 😉

Portuguese student from Hong Kong enjoying Urca

我很喜歡Rio & Learn 每天的課外活動。今天我們到了Morro da Urca遊覽。一路上老師跟同學們傾談,是一個很好的機會在課堂外實習葡語。Urca沿途風光非常美麗,在里約熱內盧的陽光下, 真的有如仙境喔! 我真的很喜歡里約這個地方。

Ho Kwan Lau (Queenie), Hong Kong

Yesterday, August 22th, we went to visit the neigbourhood of Urca. We went with students from France, Hong Kong and Colombia. The visit started with a visit to the beautiful beach of Praia Vermelha, where we did a small chat as we enjoyed this wonderful place just next to Morro da Urca with view to the Bondinho do Pão de Açúcar.

 After that we did a nice walking around Morro da Urca with very beautiful views of Guanabara Bay and Cristo Redentor with an amazing sun and blue sky.  We envy the small nice houses with such amazing views as we arrived to the small beach Praia da Urca.

 We continue our nice and relaxed walking until that we arrived to the end of the way, where we share some gelada (cold beer) as we were sitting down without our flip-flops in front of Guanabara Bay as the sun was setting.

See our picture below and get a little bit jealous 😉

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