Boat Vocabulary in Portuguese

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Our Dica today talks about a mean of transportation. Let’s learn the boat vocabulary in Portuguese. Practice your pronunciation by listening and repeating the words. Ready?

Boat Vocabulary

Boat Vocabulary in Portuguese. The boat: O barco.

Examples of means of transportation on Portuguese. The ferry boat: A Barca.

Boat examples in Portuguese. The ship: O navio.

Parts of the boat in Portuguese. The deck: O convés.

Vocabulary of boats in Portuguese. The seats: Os assentos.

The preferencial seats: Assentos preferenciais em um barco.

Parts of a ship in Portuguese. The cabin: A cabine.

Examples of boat and ship vocabulary in Portuguese. The passengers: Os passageiros.

Boats, Ferries and Ships vocabulary in Portuguese. The captain: O capitão.

Safety boat equipment in Portuguese. The life vest: O colete salva-vidas.

Examples of safety equipment in a boat. The lifeboat: O bote salva-vidas.

Safety equipment for boats. The lifesaving float: A boia.

Verbs related to means of transportation. To board: Embarcar.

Portuguese verbs for means of transportation. To disembark: Desembarcar.

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O barco
A barca
O navio
O convés
Os assentos
Os assentos preferenciais
A cabine
Os passageiros
O capitão
O colete salva-vidas
O bote salva-vidas
A boia
The boat
The ferry boat
The ship
The deck
The seats
The preferencial seats
The cabin
The passengers
The captain
The life vest
The lifeboat
The lifesaving float
To board
To disembark

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