Farewell Party at Urca

Fiesta de Despedida en Urca.

Nachdem wir auf Praja Vermeila gebadet und die wunderschöne Aussicht genossen haben, sind wir in gmütlichem Tempo nach Urca spaziert, wo wir mit Essen und Getränken gemeinsam entspannt haben.

Marie Kringles, Switzerland

Four foreign students of Portuguese at Praia Vermelha.
Very last time at the beach among friends

Every time we need to say goodbye to a student we find that a RioLIVE! activity is the perfect occasion to do so. This time we had a farewell party at Urca neighborhood. The beautiful landscape and the sunshine did not let us down, nor our friend Sara. Drinking beers at the sunset after the beach was a magic moment of our farewell party at Urca for Sara Azul <3

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Urca. Farewell party at Urca. Landscape of the corcovado
Perspective from Urca neighborhood

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