Introduce Yourself in Portuguese

5 de July de 2013

Hello, friends! Do you know how to introduce yourself in Portuguese? Today, Dica do Dia is about how to introduce yourself in Portuguese.

Introduce yourself in Portuguese

There are different ways to do it in Portuguese. The most common ways are introducing yourself to a group of people or two people introducing each other. Let’s see how we can do it in Portuguese.

Introducing Yourself to a Group

In the Portuguese language, when you want to introduce yourself to a group of people, there is some important information to mention. In general we mention:

Nome Name
Origem Origin
Nacionalidade Nationality
Idade Age
Profissão Profession
Onde mora Where you live

Let’s see an example:

Olá, meu nome é Roberto, prazer em conhecê-los! Eu sou Brasileiro e moro no Rio de Janeiro, tenho 29 anos e eu sou professor de português.


Hello, my name is Roberto, nice to meet you! I am Brazilian and I live in Rio de Janeiro, I am 29 years old and I am a Portuguese teacher.


Two people introducing themselves

There are also different ways for people who are meeting for the first time. There are specific questions and expressions for this situation. Take a look:

Como você se chama? / Qual é o seu nome? What is your name?
De onde você é? Where are you from?
Qual é a sua profissão? What do you do?
Prazer em conhecê-lo(a)! Nice to meet you!

Let’s see how to use it in a dialogue:

Robert: Bom dia!
Carlos: Bom dia! Qual é o seu nome?
Robert: Meu nome é Roberto. Prazer em conhecê-lo!
Carlos: Meu nome é Carlos. O prazer é meu!
Robert: De onde você é, Carlos?
Carlos: Eu sou Carioca, sou do Rio de Janeiro. E você?
Robert: Eu sou de Brighton, sou Inglês.

Robert: Good morning!
Carlos: Good morning! What’s your name?
Robert: My name is Roberto. Nice to meet you!
Carlos: My name is Carlos. Nice to meet you too!
Robert: Where are you from, Carlos?
Carlos: I am Carioca, I am from Rio de Janeiro. And you?
Robert: I am from Brighton, I am English.

Notice that we say Prazer em conhecer when we meet someone, but we can also say Muito Prazer! Our friend Moisés is going to show you.

Nice to meet you in Portuguese

Now that you know how to introduce yourself in portuguese, you can make a lot of friends in Rio de Janeiro. If you want to learn more Portuguese, subscribe at A Dica do Dia for more information. Follow us on Facebook to see what we are doing at Rio & Learn.

See you guys!
Hugs for you!

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