Online Portuguese Classes

R$ 140,00

Price per hour from 91 reais!

Online Private Portuguese Classes without leaving your home. Study with a native Portuguese language teacher, from wherever you are! Choose and schedule your classes from 8 am to 8 pm (Rio de Janeiro time) from Monday through Friday.

Prices for Portuguese classes online

The more hours you study, the cheaper the classes are:


Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 4 R$ 140,00
5 - 9 15 % R$ 119,00
10 - 19 20 % R$ 112,00
20 - 49 25 % R$ 105,00
50 - 99 30 % R$ 98,00
100+ 35 % R$ 91,00


If you’re unable to come to Brazil, we’ll bring Brazil to you! Our latest Portuguese learning system offers online classes that allow you to learn the language and experience the rhythm of Brazil no matter where you are.

These classes are far more enjoyable than the average Portuguese lessons via Skype. You won’t just follow a book pdf and repeat after your teacher, oh no! We are experts in making our classes productive, fun and interactive! 

Delve into Brazilian Culture

In addition to Portuguese, you’ll delve into Brazilian culture, including our music, food, and society. Discover how Brazilians live on a daily basis. With a native teacher live from Rio de Janeiro, you’ll learn Brazilian Portuguese on your preferred online platform (such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, etc.).

Our Portuguese lessons provide materials, exercises, and activities for you to study and practice after each class (all already included in our prices!).

Our online Brazilian Portuguese classes are highly flexible

You have the freedom to choose the time for your private classes, scheduling them from 8 am to 8 pm (Rio time) every Monday through Friday. Classes can range from a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of 2 hours per session, with various class bundles starting from 5 hours. 

Our online Brazilian Portuguese classes are designed to accommodate your needs. Simply select the date and time, and we’ll be waiting for you on the other side of the screen! Should any issues arise, you can cancel or reschedule your lesson up to 24 hours before its start without losing any classes.

Having these online private Portuguese lessons speeds up your learning process immensely, since the lessons are specifically tailored to your proficiency level and individual requirements. If you wish to focus on a particular topic or area, your teachers will incorporate it into your online Portuguese classes. At Rio & Learn, we’re here for you, teaching you from Rio de Janeiro!

Having a native tutor will change the way you learn

Having a Brazilian Portuguese tutor offers a significant advantage in language acquisition. Our online Portuguese language classes will help you feel comfortable speaking Portuguese with anyone. Learning and practicing with a native speaker is the best approach! And with each class, you’ll find yourself becoming closer to experiencing the warmth of Brazil’s sun. The future is here! Are you ready to learn Portuguese online?

What happens during national holidays?

During national holidays in Brazil, students do not have classes. These holidays are important cultural and historical events celebrated throughout the country. They provide an opportunity for our teachers to take a break from their regular activities and engage in festivities, spend quality time with family, or pursue other activities. 

While national holidays allow for commemorating significant moments in Brazil’s history and honoring its rich heritage, rest assured that this won’t hinder your learning development. We meticulously plan our schedules around these holidays, which are yearly listed in this Dica, ensuring that you can continue to experience the best learning process.

Which out-of-class activities are included?

Well, if you want to learn even outside of your classroom, Rio & Learn is for sure the place for you! We are proud to provide many alternatives for our students to keep learning even when they are not having their classes!

One example of it is RioONLINE!, our program to make you learn while having fun. In RioONLINE! you will get to review and learn with fun activities such as: learning new Brazilian music lyrics, watching movies and series, playing games and much more! 

We also got our Whatsapp group, which is exclusive for our students, and where they can interact 24/7 with each other. Think we are done? We also got Classroom, a place where we post O Jogo do Dia, which is an opportunity to review and learn new topics by playing online! 

Review our Online Portuguese classes benefits

  • Lessons from home or wherever there’s internet access;
  • Schedule flexibility;
  • Focus on oral (conversation) classes;
  • Book as many hours desired;
  • Private classes focused on the student’s needs;
  • Students can choose their lessons;
  • Students can choose their plataform (Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, etc);
  • Whatsapp group to integrate students and teachers into talking Portuguese 24/7;
  • Out-of-class activities already included, like Classroom with O Jogo do Dia and RioONLINE!;
  • Our daily A Dica do Dia to help you practice anywhere and anytime.


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