Restaurant in Portuguese: O cardápio / menu

Hello friends! We’ve already learned about different types of restaurants in Brazil. Today, in this Video Dica we’ll learn about going to a restaurant in Portuguese.

What will you find in the restaurant in Portuguese?

What’s your favorite type of restaurant? I like the quilo restaurants best! Do you have it in your country?

Let’s learn words that are often used in the restaurant environment. Take a look at the pictures and try to say the words. Later you can confirm if you were saying them correctly with the video.

Waiter in Portuguese: o garçom

Waitress in Portuguese: a garçonete. Tables and chairs in Portuguese: a mesa e as cadeiras. Plate in Portuguese: O prato. The Cutlery ( fork, knife and spoon ) in Portuguese: Os talheres ( garfo, faca e colher ) Napkin in Portuguese: O guardanapo. Menu in Portuguese: O menu / o cardápio. Appetizers in Portuguese: os petiscos / o tira-gosto. Starter / first couse (salad) in Portuguese: A entrada (a salada). Vocabulary of restaurant in Portuguese: o prato principal. Dessert in Portuguese: A sobremesa. Meat in Portuguese: A carne. Chicken in Portuguese: O frango. Fish in Portuguese: O peixe.

Vocabulary list for visiting a restaurant in Portuguese

O garçom Waiter
A garçonete Waitress
As mesas e as cadeiras Tables and chairs
O prato Plate / Dish
Os talheres (garfo, faca e colher) Cutlery (fork, knife and spoon)
O guardanapo Napkin
O cardápio / O Menu Menu
Os petiscos ou o tira-gosto Appetizers
A entrada (a salada) Starter (salad)
O prato principal Main course
A sobremesa Dessert
A carne Meat
O frango Chicken
O peixe Fish

Practice a little bit more

Practice the vocabulary that you learned in our video. Try to repeat the words so you can say them correctly.

Useful phrases for visiting a restaurant in Portuguese

There many different situations and many different phrases you can use, let’s take a look at some of them!

What to say when you arrive 

Uma mesa para … pessoas, por favor. A table for… people, please.
Eu tenho uma reserva no meu nome. I have a reservation in my name.
Tenho uma reserva no nome de … I have a table reserved under the name…
Com licença, esta mesa está ocupada? Excuse me, is this table taken?
Tem alguém aqui? Is there anyone here?
Quanto tempo de espera? How long is the wait?

Talking to the waiter in a restaurant in Portuguese

Poderia trazer o cardápio, por favor? Could you bring the menu, please?
O que vai pedir?/O que deseja? What would you like to order?
O que o senhor / a senhora gostaria de comer? What would you you like to eat?
O que gostariam de beber? What would you like to drink?
O que você recomenda? What do you recommend? 
Isso não é o que eu pedi. This is not what I ordered.

Want to learn more phrases to say to the waiter? We have a restaurant dialogue in Portuguese for you to study more!

Ordering in a restaurant in Portuguese

Eu quero um bife bem/mal passado. I will have a well done/rare steak.
Pode trazer os talheres? Could you bring me some cutlery?
Um canudo, por favor! Could you give me a straw, please!
Eu gostaria de um cafezinho, por favor! I would like a small coffee, please!
Vocês tem açúcar ou adoçante, por favor? Do you have sugar or sweetener, please?
Para comer agora ou para viagem? To eat or to go?


Asking for the bill in a restaurant in Portuguese

Pode fechar a conta! Can I have the check /bill ?
A conta, por favor! The check / bill, please!
Qual é a forma de pagamento? How would you like to pay?
Vocês aceitam cartão ou só dinheiro? Do you accept cards or just cash?
O senhor(a) vai querer a sua via / o seu recibo? Would you like your receipt?
Pode me dar a nota fiscal, por favor? Can you give me the receipt, please?

Do you still have any doubts about asking for the bill? We can help you here.

A game about restaurants in Portuguese

Let’s practice and test your memory. Can you remember the words you’ve just learned and answer this quiz correctly?

What was your score? Come study Portuguese in Brazil with us and we’ll take you to a restaurant for you to learn even more!

That’s it friends! Today we learned about going to a restaurant in Portuguese. If you are in Rio and don’t know where to eat: check out our suggestions of great restaurants in Rio de Janeiro.
In the next Video Dica, we’re going to talk about the drinks/beverages you can order in restaurants.
See you in the next Dica. Bye!

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