Sugarloaf Cable Car

27 de February de 2018

Hello everybody!
My name is Kelly and we’re here to tell you about the Sugarloaf Cable car.

Sugarloaf Cable Car

Pão de Açúcar attracts tourists from all over the world who would like to ride the famous Bondinho and enjoy a magnificent view of the city. The famous cable way was created by the engineer, Augusto Ramos, in 1908 but it was opened in 1912. It was the first cable car built in Brazil and the third in the whole world.

Sugarloaf Cable Car. In the left, the first cable car and in the right the second cable car.

The first cable car (to the left) was coated in wood and was used for 60 years and in 1972 it was substituted by the second cable car (to the right),  expanding its capacity of passengers from 22 to 75 peoples. The modern cable car has a smaller capacity, of 65 people, in order to offer more comfort.

It’s important to remember that the Bondinho was used in the movie Moonraker in 1979. That’s right guys! James Bond filmed here!!

The Bondinho is used 2,500 visitors every day. The cable cars run between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. If you want to visit, you can come with us on our RioLIVE! activity!


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