Sunny walk in Botafogo

Sunny walk in Botafogo
with students from USA

Sunny walk in Botafogo
Sunny walk in Botafogo

Yesterday we went to Flamengo and walked to Botafogo which was really good because I practiced portuguese with the other students for the whole afternoon which is really important to me. I don’t have much confidence with speaking so it is good to try with other students as much as possible. We then got a very welcomed cold beer at the top of Botafogo shopping to see the amazing view. It was a cool afternoon and I’m really glad I went to practice speaking.

Kelly Symonds, UK

What a beautiful and sunny walk in Botafogo we enjoyed yesterday!! We took our Portuguese language students to know the beautiful landscapes at Enseada de Botafogo where you have fantastic views from different perspective. We walked from Praia do Flamengo to Botafogo Praia Shopping.

We did our sunny walk in Botafogo with students from USA, UK and Venezuela. Even that the day was sunny, to walk next to the coast with a nice wind did the walking very pleasant. Our students talked lots of Portuguese and we stopped in different parts just to enjoy the beautiful views.

Our students saw a Brazilian street gym make with rocks and lots of Brazilians practicing different kinds of sports around as running, cycling, etc. After the walking some of our students was tired but we had a nice choppinho and we learned what is a chopp, sem colarinho (head, froth). Even some student ordered a caipirinha!!!

See some pics of the sunny walk in Botafogo:

20141117_164216 20141117_164231 20141117_164232 20141117_165514 20141117_165707 20141117_165709 Estudiantes de Rio & Learn en Botafogo Rio & Learn students in Botafogo beach RioLIVE! en el pan de azucar SAM_0397 20141117_162840 20141117_163914 20141117_164139 20141117_164146

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