Body parts in Portuguese. Cabeça, cabelo, mão, cotovelo, pernas, pé, barriga, peito, braço, olhos.

Hey friends! How about learning the body parts in Portuguese?

Learning the body parts in Portuguese

In today’s free Portuguese lesson for foreigners we will learn how to describe people in Portuguese by describing their body parts. Let’s begin from the top and see the vocabulary about the head! Do you know any body part in Portuguese?

Let’s take a look at this video and learn the names of parts of our face in Portuguese! Meet Moisés and Roberta!

Face parts in Portuguese

So friends, what do you think of Roberta? Can you say the colors of your eyes in Portuguese? Mine are green!

Text about parts of the body in Portuguese

Now, let’s take a look at a short text using the parts of the body. In this text, we will meet Marina and Tiago, our models:

Marina é baixa, tem os cabelos vermelhos, os olhos castanhos e grandes. As sobrancelhas da Marina são finas e as pestanas são longas. Ela tem o nariz pequeno e a boca grande. Os dentes da Marina são muito brancos e ela tem um sorriso bonito. Ela tem o pescoço fino, os braços e as mãos longas. Marina tem as pernas longas, joelhos fortes e gosta de praticar atletismo.
Tiago, o namorado de Marina, também pratica esportes. Ele adora natação. Ele tem os ombros e as costas largas e é muito alto. Infelizmente ele não pode nadar essa semana pois teve uma forte câimbra na panturrilha. Marina tem os pés pequenos e Tiago tem os pés grandes e ambos gostam muito de usar chinelos.

Translation of the text

Marina is short, has red hair, and large brown eyes. Marina’s eyebrows are thin and her eyelashes are long. She has a small nose and a big mouth. Marina’s teeth are very white and she has a beautiful smile. She has a fine neck, and long arms and hands. Marina has long legs, strong knees and likes to practice athletics. 
Tiago, Marina’s boyfriend also plays sports. He loves swimming. He has broad shoulders and back and is very tall. Unfortunately he cannot swim this week because had a strong muscle contract in the calf. Marina has small feet and Tiago has big feet and they both are very fond of using flip-flops.

Do you which verb tenses we usually use to describe people? If you want to know more Learn Portuguese Online with one of our teachers!

Vocabulary list with sounds

Ok, you already know some body parts in Portuguese, but there are some missing. Take a look at this complete list and listen to the audios to learn how to pronounce each word correctly.

Cabelos Hair
Olhos Eyes
Sobrancelhas Eyebrows
Pestanas Eyelashes
Nariz Nose
Boca Mouth
Dentes Teeth
Pescoço Neck
Ombro Shoulder
Braços Arms
Cotovelo Elbow
Mãos Hands
Dedos Fingers
Peito Chest
Costas Back
Barriga Belly
Pernas Legs
Joelhos Knees
Panturrilha Calf
Pés Feet
Queixo Chin
 Testa  Forehead
 Palma da mão Palm of the hand 
 Tornozelo  Ankle
 Cintura  Waist
Rosto/ cara/ face Face
Maxilar Jaw
Lábios Lips
 Bigode  Mustache
 Barba  Beard
 Canela  Shin
 Orelha  Ear
Língua  Tongue
Garganta Throat
Pulso Wrist
 Coluna  Spine
 Umbigo  Belly button
 Quadril  Hip
 Coxa  Thigh

Now that we know the body parts in Portuguese we can describe a person physically. Describe yourself or friend of yours for us and send us a message in our Facebook!

Hope to see you soon!
Kisses from our Portuguese school!

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