The computer in Portuguese: o computador.

Hi dear friends! Our Dica today is about the Computer in Portuguese. We are going to learn a lot of vocabulary about computer science in Portuguese today. Ready to learn Portuguese?

Vocabulary about computers in Portuguese

What type of electronic device do you use the most? Maybe you answered your fridge, your microwave or your telephone. But I bet you use your computer a lot. Okay, maybe you don’t have a desktop computer anymore, but you probably have a laptop, right?

So, you’re ready to learn how to talk about computer science in Portuguese. Besides learning all about the parts of the computer we are going to learn verbs and expressions related to computer use in Portuguese. Take a look at this vocabulary list:

A tela Screen
O teclado Keyboard
O mouse Mouse
A impressora Printer
O vírus de computador Computer virus
A ciência da computação Computer science
A/o cientista da computação Computer scientist
O programa de computador Computer program
O(a) programador(a) Computer programmer
O navegador Browser
 O hardware  Hardware
 A placa-mãe Motherboard 
 A internet Internet 
 O email Email 
 O software Computer software 
 O monitor Monitor 
 O scanner Scanner 
 O disco rígido Hard drive 
 O modem Modem 
 A memória Memory 
 A memória RAM RAM 
 Os bytes Bytes 
 O aplicativo (a.p.p)  Application (app)
 A rede Network 
 O processador Processor 
O servidor Server 
 O cabo de alimentação Power cable  
 Fazer download/ Baixar Download 
A barra de menu Menu bar 
A barra de ferramentas  Tool bar
 A fonte  Font
 O ícone Icon 
 A janela  Window
 A pasta  Folder
 A caixa de entrada Inbox 
 A caixa de saída  Sent
 O endereço de email Email address 
 Instalar  To install
 Conectar To connect 
 Fazer log-in Log-in 
 Online Online 
 Offline  Offline
 Anexar To attach 
 Enviar To send 
 Receber To receive 
 Salvar To save 
 O botão Button 
 O botão do mouse Mouse button 
 O laptop Laptop computer 
 O mouse pad Mouse pad 
 O notebook Laptop
 A área de transferência Clipboard 
 O banco de dados Database 

Parts of the Computer in Portuguese

To talk about the computer in Portuguese, we say o computador. Maybe you don’t use a computer anymore, but a lot of people still do. Let’s see what are the main parts of the computer in Portuguese:

CPU in Portuguese: O gabinete.

The monitor in Portuguese: O monitor. Flat screen Monitor.
The keyboard in Portuguese: O teclado. Brand new black keyboard.
Computer mouse in Portuguese: O mouse. Wireless Mouse
Speakers in Portuguese: As caixas de som. Black and Gray sound box.

Now to practice what you’ve just learned, take a look at this video and repeat the words to check it you are pronouncing them correctly.

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That’s it, now you know how to say laptop in Portuguese and a lot of other words related to this amazing online universe!

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