Interesting Neighborhood

Interesting Neighborhood

Yesterday we visited an interesting neighborhood in Rio, Urca.
Yesterday we visited an interesting neighborhood in Rio, Urca.

We spent a lovely Thursday afternoon exploring the quaint and trendy neighbourhood of Urca. With Sugar Loaf mountain towering above, we spent some time relaxing on the beautiful Praia de Vermelha before heading into the Urca area. We saw a stunning view across the marina that looked upon Christ the Redeemer, which was made even more enjoyable with a local beer and snack. Overall a great afternoon in the sun enjoying an area mostly unknown to tourist!

Jack Colman, England. 

Yesterday we visited an interesting neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Urca. A place that has everything we need to have a good life. Besides being considered the safest neighborhood in the Marvelous City, it has a beach, the Pão de Açúcar, two universities, one hospital and military schools. Our RioLIVE! started at Praia Vermelha, one of the most beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro. We couldn’t leave it without enjoying the water in the heat of Rio de Janeiro.

SAM_4914 Rio & Learn SAM_4915 Rio & Learn SAM_4916 Rio & Learn SAM_4919 Rio & Learn SAM_4920 Rio & Learn SAM_4921 Rio & Learn SAM_4922 Rio & Learn

After the beach we walked through the neighborhood which has an architecture different from other neighborhoods in the South Zone of Rio, until we got to the Urca wall. The place is used as a meeting point not only to talk and meet new people but also to have a beer with an amazing view. Our RioLIVE! was incredibly fun and we spent the afternoon speaking Portuguese.

SAM_4923 Rio & Learn SAM_4924 Rio & Learn SAM_4925 Rio & Learn SAM_4926 Rio & Learn SAM_4928 Rio & Learn SAM_4929 Rio & Learn SAM_4930 Rio & Learn

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