Numbers 11-20 in Portuguese

Numbers 11-20 in Portuguese. 11: onze, 12: doze, 13: treze, 14: quatorze or catorze, 15: quinze, 16: dezesseis, 17: dezessete, 18: dezoito, 19: dezenove, 20: vinte. Rio & Learn Portuguese School.
What’s happening friends?
We have learned the numbers 1-10 and today we will learn the numbers 11-20 in Portuguese. So, let’s see some examples of phrases using these numbers.

Let’s learn the pronunciation for each of these numbers:

Numbers pronunciation

11 – Onze

12 – Doze

13 – Treze

14 – Quatorze

15 – Quinze

16 – Dezesseis

17 – Dezessete

18 – Dezoito

19 – Dezenove

20 – Vinte

It’s easy, isn’t it?
So, to make things even better, let’s see some examples with numbers 11-20 in Portuguese:

Examples with the numbers in Portuguese

Eu tenho onze livros.
I have eleven books.

Você tem doze filhos? Sua família é muito grande!!
You have twelve kids? Your family is very big!!

Quantos anos ele tem? Ele tem treze anos.
How old is he? He is thirteen.

Hoje ela vai comprar quatorze laranjas.
Today he will buy fourteen oranges.

Meu coelho come quinze cenouras cada semana.
My rabbit eats fifteen carrots each week.

Nós lemos dezesseis livros por ano.
We read sixteen books per year.

Vocês querem dezessete copos?
You want seventeen cups?

Ele bebe dezoito garrafas de cerveja.
He drinks eighteen bottles of beer.

Eles compram dezenove canetas todo mês.
They buy nineteen pens every month.

Elas vendem vinte computadores por dia.
They sell twenty computer a day.

Piece of cake!
We have just seen the numbers 11-20 in Portuguese. Did you know that here in Brazil there are many superstitions with the number 13? Is it the same in your country as well? Do you have any fun facts about numbers?

Until the next Dica, friends!
Big kiss from Rio de Janeiro!

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