Office in Portuguese

11 de June de 2013

Hey guys! Are you ready to learn Portuguese? Today we will learn the items related to the office in Portuguese. Do you work in an office? So let’s learn the name of some stuff you have on your desk in Portuguese.


Portuguese Office Items

There are many items inside an office. Let’s study a little more about what we can find on our desk in Portuguese:

O escritório The office
A cadeira The chair
A impressora The printer
A gaveta The drawer
A mesa The table / desk
A caneta The pen
O mouse The mouse
O laptop The laptop
O envelope The envelope
A lixeira The gargabe can
O grampeador The stapler
Os clips The paper clips
Os papéis The papers
O lápis The pencil
A entrega The delivery
O equipamento The equipament
A promoção The promotion
O suporte The support
O cliente The client
O colega de trabalho The co-worker
O objetivo The goal



The word office in Portuguese, for example, can be translated to escritório. It’s important to not mix it up with oficina, in Spanish or office, in English. Keep an open eye for this mistake of false cognates! Oficina in Portuguese, for instance, means a workshop!


Examples in the Office in Portuguese

In addition to the vocabulary, let’s check out some examples of sentences using some items in Portuguese that you might find on a desk:

O laptop fica na mesa porque eu trabalho aqui.
The laptop is on the table because I work here.

Nós podemos acessar os programas do nosso laptop usando o mouse.
We can access the programs on our laptop using the mouse.

As pessoas sentam na cadeira.
The people sit on the chair.

Certamente, o lugar do lixo é na lixeira.
Certainly, the place for garbage is in the garbage can.

Os papéis ficam na impressora.
The paper stays in the printer.

Nós guardamos documentos importantes na gaveta.
We keep important documents in the drawer.

Meu objetivo é estudar português em Copacabana.
My goal is to study Portuguese in Copacabana.

Você usa um tablet ou um laptop para estudar português online?
Do you use a tablet or a laptop to learn Portuguese online?

A caneta é importante para assinar documentos.
The pen is important to sign documents.

O grampeador e os clips são necessários para ter o escritório organizado.
A stapler and paper clips are necessary to have an organized office.

A correspondência é enviada dentro dos envelopes.
The correspondence is sent inside the envelopes.

Now you know some things you will find at the office in Portuguese. Do you think you have any of this stuff on your own desk? What about some things you don’t have? 


Now it’s your turn!

Try to describe the items in your own office! Is there a chair in your office? What about a table? How many pens do you have? What else? Now you know some words related to Escritório in Portuguese, if there are any more you would like to learn, we can give you a class all about working in an office.

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Most importantly, see you next time!
Hugs from
Rio de Janeiro!

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