Bank in Portuguese vocabulary example: o caixa eletrônico.

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In our Dica today, we’ll learn about going to the  bank in Portuguese.

Dealing with the bank in Portuguese

Solving your problems in the bank can be a little annoying and difficult sometimes… Imagine solving your problems in the bank in Portuguese? It’s even worse if you’re not in your own country or speaking your native language. That’s the reason why today we’ll teach you specific bank vocabulary and some sentences that you can use there.

Vocabulary for the bank in Portuguese

Examples of Bank Vocabulary. The ATM: O caixa eletrônico.

Examples of Bank Vocabulary . The money: O dinheiro.

Examples of bank Vocabulary in Portuguese. The bank notes: As cédulas ou as notas.

Examples of Bank Vocabulary in Portuguese for foreigners. The coins: As moedas.

The credit cards or the debit cards: Os cartões de crédito ou os cartões de débito.

Bank objects in Portuguese: The check: O cheque.

Parts of the bank in Portuguese. The cashier: O caixa.

Bank expressions in Portuguese. To cash out: Sacar dinheiro ou tirar dinheiro.

Bank objects in Portuguese. The deposit envelope: O envelope para depósito.

The bank deposit: O depósito bancário.

Bank statement in Portuguese: O extrato bancário.

Exchange in Portuguese: O câmbio.

The revolving door in Portuguese: A porta giratória.

Professionals at a bank. The security guard: O vigilante.

The line in Portuguese: A fila.

Employees at a bank in Portuguese. The manager: O gerente.

Types of banking accounts in Portuguese. The savings account: A Poupança.

Bank expressions in Portuguese. Opening a checking or savings account: Abertura de conta corrente ou abertura de conta poupança.Examples of Vocabulary of bank: O empréstimo. The loan. Examples of Vocabulary of bank: o talão de cheques. The checkbook.

Portuguese bank vocabulary example: as contas. The bills. Bank vocabulary example: o cofre. The safe box.

Vocabulary list

O caixa eletrônico The ATM
O dinheiro The money
As cédulas/notas The bank note/bills
As moedas The coins
Os cartões de crédito/débito Credit/debit cards
O cheque The check
O caixa The cashier
Sacar/Tirar dinheiro To withdraw money/cash out
O envelope para depósito The deposit envelope
O depósito bancário The bank deposit
O extrato bancário The bank statement
O câmbio The exchange
A porta giratória The revolving door
O vigilante The security guard
A fila The queue/line
O gerente The manager
A poupança The savings account
Abertura de conta corrente/poupança Opening a checking/savings account
O empréstimo The loan
O talão de cheque The checkbook
 As contas The bills
O cofre The safety deposit box

Pronunciation of the bank vocabulary in Portuguese

Ok you can already read and understand all the words, but can you say it like a native? Listen to the pronunciation and repeat after to be sure that you are saying it properly.

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What to say in the bank?

It’s time to learn what to say once you’re in the bank, okay? So, let’s practice and you’ll know what to do next time you go to the bank.

Onde fica o caixa eletrônico mais próximo? Where is the nearest ATM?
Quero trocar esse cheque. I want to cash this check.
Quero fazer um saque. I want to make a withdrawal.
Quero fazer um depósito. I want to make a deposit.
Quero fazer uma transferência. I want to do a transfer.
Quero abrir uma poupança. I want to open a savings account.
Quero abrir uma conta corrente. I want to open a checking / current account.
Quero abrir uma conta empresarial. I want to open a business account.
Preciso cancelar uma das minhas contas. I need to close one of my accounts. 
Posso acessar minha conta pela internet? Can I access my account online? 
Minha conta está com saldo negativo/Minha conta está no vermelho My account has a negative balance/  My account is in the red
Quantos dias vai levar para o cheque cair na conta? How many days will it take for money from the check  enter my account?
Quais são as taxas adicionais?  What are the additional fees? 

A game about bank vocabulary in Portuguese

You already know all the words, right? Now it’s your moment to shine. Practice saying out loud everything you’ve learned with our game:

Everything was ok?
Have you ever been to a bank in Brazil? Well, then you should. It’s the perfect place for you to practice Portuguese. Brazilian people love to talk while they are waiting in line.

Shall we go to a bank?
See you there! Kisses!

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