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street in portuguese: eles se divertiram conhecendo as ruas do Rio!

Hello everyone, how are you today? Today we have a must-learn subject to take a look at! Let’s focus on everything related to the street in Portuguese. This is super helpful when you are sightseeing in Rio and want to get to know more about the city in Portuguese, right? What can you see when you walk down the street? Right now, close to the building where I am, there is the beach, a square, a bakery, the subway, and many other places and things. So pick up your sunblock and walk with us on the streets of Rio!

Vocabulary Related to the Street in Portuguese

Imagine you are walking in the beautiful streets of Rio. After an amazing Portuguese class, you take a look around, and what do you see?

Objects You Can Find on the Street

A calçada Sidewalk
A esquina Corner
A rua Street
A avenida Avenue
A estrada Road
Os carros Cars
O semáforo / O sinal Traffic Lights
As placas Signs
A faixa de pedestres Crosswalk / Pedestrian Crossing
O hidrante Hydrant
A lixeira Trash Can
O banco Bench

People and Nature You Can Find on the Street

As árvores Trees
As flores Flowers
As plantas
O céu Sky
O sol Sun
As nuvens Clouds
As pessoas People
Os pedestres Pedestrians
Os ambulantes Street Vendors

Places You Can Find on the Street

A casa House 
O restaurante Restaurant
O bar Bar
O prédio Building
A loja Store / shop
O estacionamento Parking Lot
O shopping Mall
A praça Square
O banco Bank

What’s close to you in your street? Try to answer using what you know about describing a street in Portuguese. On the streets of Rio we can also find theaters, colleges, hospitals, museums and many other places. If you want to learn more about other places and establishments that you find on the streets of any city, check out this Dica about places in the city in Portuguese. So next time you go walking around the city, try to remember all the vocabulary that you’ve just learned, to describe the street in Portuguese.

Important Notes about the Street in Portuguese!

Did you notice we have the same word for two different kinds of things? Don’t mix up the two meanings of banco! One of them is a place you can sit down and relax, perhaps in the park. The other is the place you can withdraw some money or talk about your bank account.

Another curious thing is the words semáforo and sinal. These mean exactly the same, so they are synonymous. But each is used in a different region in Brazil. In Rio, you will see it’s more common to hear people calling the traffic lights o sinal, while in São Paulo, o semáforo. But feel free to call it either way, we can all understand both ways.

You know what else we can find in the streets? Many places to buy things! In our classes, we can walk together and find the best shops in Copacabana.

Let’s Practice Our Pronunciation

Now, listen and repeat all the words you’ve just learned. You can turn on the subtitles in Portuguese, English and Spanish if needed!

An Exercise about the Street in Portuguese

Ready to ace our crosswords?

How were you at that game? Tell us in the comments your score, so we can congratulate you! And remember that you can find us on our Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe. That’s it, and we’ll see you next time!

Kisses from Rio & Learn!

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