1962 World Cup

7 de June de 2018

Hey, galera! We are a few days away from the FIFA World Cup, are you ready?
Let’s talk about one more cup that Brazil won. What do you know about the 1962 world cup?

1962 World Cup

1962 World Cup was held in Chile from May 30th to June 17th and, just like in the 1958 World Cup that we have studied, 16 teams participated on the competition. The matches happened in four different stadiums: Estadio Nacional de Chile, Estadio Sausalito, Estadio El Teniente and Estadio Carlos Dittborn. Here are the teams that participated in this World Cup:

[one_fourth]Group 1

Soviet Union
Colombia[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Group 2

Switzerland[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Group 3

Spain[/one_fourth][one_fourth_last]Group 4


Unfortunately, the 1962 World Cup doesn’t bring us good memories. It was marked by violence in the stadiums and inside the field, especially on the match between Chile and Italy, that later was known as Battle of Santiago (that’s right! Battle!).

But putting bad memories apart, Chile made a great effort for the Cup to happen. Just two years before the World Cup, the country went through two earthquakes, considered the strongest in the 20th century, and was capable of rebuilding everything on time for the games. Porque nada tenemos, lo haremos todo (because we have nothing, we’ll make everything) said Carlos Dittborn, Chilean football administrator and former president of CONMEBOL.

1962 World Cup in Brazil

The 1962 World Cup was the first Cup broadcasted on TV in Brazil. Until then, Brazilian had to listen to matches on their radios. Of course, not everything is perfect and the TV broadcast had a 2 days delay, because the tapes of the games had to travel all the way to Brazil to go on TV.

Two Brazilian players were very important in this World Cup. The first is Amarildo, who substituted Pelé because he was injured. Amarildo knew that substituting Pelé was a great responsibility, but he did it, and did it really well.

The second one is Garrincha, considered the biggest star in the Brazilian team in the 1962 World cup. He played for two, moving much more, running much more and being much more than he used to be. Of course, Amarildo and Garrincha got along amazingly. Take a look:

1962 world cup final

The final match was held in Estadio Nacional de Chile where Czechoslovakia and Brazil fought for the title. Right in the beginning of the match, with only 15 minutes, Czechoslovakia scored their first goal, but Amarildo made everything even two minutes later, scoring for Brazil. In the second half of the game Brazil scored twice, one goal scored by Zito and the other by Vavá. Watch it:

1962 world cup Brazil Squad

Don’t forget to check the Football Positions in Portuguese.

1 Goleiro Gilmar
2 Lateral Djalma Santos
3 Goleiro Gilmar
4 Meio campo Zito
5 Zagueiro Zózimo
6 Meio campo Nilton Santos
7 Atacante Zagallo
8 Lateral Oreco
9 Zagueiro Zózimo
10 Atacante Pelé
11 Atacante Garrincha
12 Lateral Nilton Santos
13 Meio campo Moacir
14 Lateral De Sordi
15 Zagueiro Orlando
16 Lateral Mauro
17 Atacante Joel
18 Atacante Mazzola
19 Meio campo Vavá
20 Atacante Amarildo
21 Atacante Dida
22 Goleiro Castilho

Now it’s your turn!

Answer the questions below, based on what you have learned:

  1. Onde foi sediada a Copa do Mundo de 1962?
  2. Como ficou conhecido o jogo entre Chile e Itália?
  3. Quanto tempo de atraso tiveram as transmissões dos jogos?
  4. Por que Pelé não jogou?
  5. Quem substituiu Pelé?
  6. Em que posição jogava Garrincha?
  7. Quais seleções disputaram a final da Copa de 1962?

That’s all, folks!
We hope you are as excited as we are for the World Cup! Join us and let’s root for Brazil! 

We’ll meet again on our next Dica.
See you!

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  1. A copa foi sediada no Chile.
  2. O jogo ficou conhecido como Batalha de Santiago.
  3. As transmissões tiveram 2 dias de atraso.
  4. Pelé não jogou porque estava machucado.
  5. Amarildo substituiu Pelé.
  6. Garrincha jogava como atacante.
  7. A final foi disputada por Checoslováquia e Brasil.