Goodbye in Portuguese

26 de August de 2014

What’s up, people from A Dica do Dia, are you ok?
Do you know how to say goodbye in Portuguese? There are different ways and they can used in different moments.

Goodbye in Portuguese

The most common way to say goodbye in Portuguese is using the word Tchau. But here is a list with more options in case you want to vary a little bit:

Tchau Bye
Tchauzinho Bye bye
Valeu See ya
Até mais See you later
Até amanhã See you tomorrow
Adeus Goodbye

As we said, each of them are used in a different moment. Let’s understand:

Tchau in Portuguese

We use when it is a soon farewell, it’s not something long. It’s the most used by Brazilians and if you want to sound more informal you can used its variation Tchauzinho:

José: Foi bom te ver, Carla! Mas tenho que ir, tchau!
Carla: Igualmente, José. Tchauzinho! A gente se vê.
José: Beleza, a gente se vê daqui a pouco.

José: Nice to see you, Carla! But I have to go, bye!
Carla: Great seeing too, José. Bye bye! See you soon.
José: Fine, see you later.

Até in Portuguese

Whenever we use the word até to say goodbye, we also need to say when we are seeing the person again. For example:

Pedro: Até mais, Sara! Nos vemos na RioLIVE!
Sara: Ah, desculpa. Hoje não posso ir com você, mas amanhã com certeza vou!
Pedro: Tudo bem. Até amanhã então!
Sara: Até amanhã!

Pedro: See you later, Sara! We meet at the RioLIVE!
Sara: Oh, sorry! I can’t go with you today, but tomorrow I’ll for sure!
Pedro: Ok. See you tomorrow then!
Sara: See you tomorrow!

When someone tells us Até mais or Até amanhã we can answers using only Até! Easy right?

Valeu in Portuguese

Valeu is the most informal way to say goodbye in Portuguese. This is how we use it:

Diogo: Vou nessa, mano! Valeu!
Rodrigo: Já é! Valeu!

Diogo: Gotta go, dude! See ya!
Rodrigo: Right! See ya!

The word Valeu can also mean something different. Look at our Dica about Valeu and learn how to use.

Adeus in Portuguese

Now, when we use Adeus, it’s a very long farewell, maybe we will never see each other again; we say adeus.

Ana: Estou muito decepcionada com você, não esperava por isso!
Bernardo: Por favor, me perdoe!
Ana: Não posso, melhor ir embora e não voltar, adeus!

Ana: I am so disappointed with you, I didn’t expect for that!
Bernardo: Please, forgive me!
Ana: I can’t, You’d better go and don’t come back, goodbye for now!

Tchau vs Adeus in Portuguese

Be careful not to use Tchau and Adeus in the wrong moment. Our friend Moisés is going to help you understand when to use it. You can activate the subtitles if you need:

You see?
Culturally speaking, Brazilian people don’t like to use Adeus. We use Tchau because it is something faster and we have the idea that we are going to see the person in the future. Even if we don’t see each other, we say only Tchau because we still like each other and hope to see each other again.

So, that’s it, guys!
We have just learned how to say goodbye in Portuguese but don’t say goodbye yet. Stay with us and learn more on our YouTube Channel!

Big hug from Rio de Janeiro and see you next time!!

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