Labor Day in Brazil. O Dia do Trabalhador é um dia para relaxar!

Good morning, people! Tomorrow is a national holiday and it’s name is Labor Day in Brazil.
This holiday happens at May 1st,  not only in Brazil, but also in many countries in the world. For some more catholic countries it is also called by the São José Operário’s Day, patron of the workers.

History of the holiday

The History of Labor Day dates back to 1886 in the city of Chicago, United States. On May 1 of this year, thousands of workers went to the streets to demand better working conditions, among them, the reduction of the workday from thirteen to eight hours a day. On the same day occurred a major general workers’ strike there. Two days after the events, a riot involving police and workers led to the death of some demonstrators.
After the first, several protests inspired by this struggle continued to happen. In 1919, France took the May 1st as the labors’ holiday. Russia did the same in 1920, as well as many other countries. And of course, the Labor Day in Brazil also appeared.

History of Labor Day in Brazil

Labor Day in Brazil is celebrated since 1895. However, it was only on September 26, 1924 that this date became the official Brazil Worker’s Day, with the decree of Arthur da Silva Bernardes. In this decree, Arthur Bernardes established the date as a national holiday, which should be destined to commemorate the martyrs of labor and fraternization of the working classes.
However, in the 1930s and 1940s, President Getúlio Vargas started using the date to publicize the creation of laws and labor benefits. The character of protest of the date was left aside, happening to assume a bias commemorative. Vargas went on to call the date Labor Day in Brazil.
Nowadays, the holiday lost its political meaning and it’s basically a day where people rest.

Curiosities about Labor Day in Brazil

  • On May 1st, 1940 President Getúlio Vargas instituted the minimum wage.
  • On May 1st, 1941, the Labor Court was created to resolve legal issues related specifically to labor relations and workers’ rights.

Finally you know more about the Brazil Worker’s Day!
So, tell us… What about your country? Is May 1st a holiday too?

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