Portuguese Clothing

Ropa en Portugués. Os óculos, o boné, a camisa, a calça.

Have you ever tried to buy clothes in Portuguese? How was it? This Dica will help you with items of clothing in Portuguese for the next time you need it.

Portuguese Clothing

What is your favorite Portuguese clothing? I love wearing skirts, because they are beautiful and comfortable. In Rio de Janeiro we like to wear clothes made of light fabric because of the heat. Take a look at our lists of vocabulary and learn the pronunciation for them.

Men’s clothing in Portuguese

A camisa The t-shirt
A camiseta The sleeveless shirt
O casaco The coat
A jaqueta The jacket
O short The shorts
A bermuda The bermudas (long shorts)
A calça The pants
O terno The suit

Women’s clothing in Portuguese

Notice that some names of clothes we have for men are also used for women and vice versa. When you are at a clothing store, if you prefer, you can specify if the piece of clothing is for a man or for a woman.

A camiseta The sleeveless shirt
A blusa The blouse
O vestido The dress
O colete The vest
O conjunto social The suit
O casaco The coat
A jaqueta The jacket
O shortinho The shorts (short shorts)
A saia The skirt
A bermuda The shorts (longer shorts)
A calça capri The capri pants

Accessories in Portuguese

Accessories are important to complete your outfit, right? So let’s learn how to talk about these objects that make the biggest difference.

O chapéu The hat
O boné The cap
Os óculos The glasses
O cordão The necklace
A gravata The tie
O cinto The belt
A bolsa The purse
A pulseira The bracelet
A tornozeleira The anklet
O anel The ring

Types of Shoes in Portuguese

Do you know what is the shoe that we worship in Brazil? The CHINELOS! We, from Rio de Janeiro, use them everywhere (even to parties hahahah)

Os chinelos The flip flops
O tênis The sneakers
O sapato social The shoes
O sapato de salto alto The high heels
A sandália The sandals
A bota The boots


Underwear in Portuguese

You already learned the name of some clothes, but do you know the names of different types of underwear in Portuguese clothing? Let’s learn them!

Calcinha Pantys
Sutiã Bra
Cueca Underpants
Samba canção Boxer shorts
Meias Socks
Meia-calça Pantyhose

Portuguese Clothing Exercise

Now let’s practice the words you’ve learned with this game! Take a look at our students out at RioLIVE! Porto Maravilha, pay attention to the picture and tell us what each student is wearing!

Portuguese Clothing Exercise. Students at Porto Maravilha.

So what are the students 1,2,3,4 and 5 wearing?

What clothes would you wear to Portuguese classes in Rio at Rio & Learn?

We’ll see you in our next Dica! You can find lots more Dicas on our YouTube Channel …stay tuned!

That’s it!
Now you are totally ready to buy anything you need. Just go out and start shopping!

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Portuguese Clothing Exercise: answers

  1. O estudante 1 está usando uma camisa, uma calça e tênis.
  2. A aluna 2 está usando uma camiseta, short e chinelos.
  3. A estudante 3 está usando uma camiseta, saia e chinelos.
  4. A aluna 4 está usando camiseta, saia e uma bolsa.
  5. O estudante 5 está usando uma camisa, bermudas e tênis.

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