Catch Waves: Your Ultimate Guide to Surf in Brazil

Surf in Brazil with sunset.

Have you ever found pure excitement in catching a perfect wave? Feeling the salty breeze hit you as you surf? Brazil welcomes you, with its endless coastline. Here, surfers find joy in riding some of the globe’s best waves.

Brazil is now a major surf spot. It stretches along the Atlantic Ocean. This means it has lots of surfing options – from Florianopolis’ steady waves to Rio de Janeiro’s lively surf scene. Florianopolis, known for its versatility, invites surfers of all types. Then, there’s Ubatuba, near São Paulo, with almost 100 beaches. Or, try Medina‘s hometown for thrilling beach breaks.

A lone surfer paddling out to catch a big wave at sunrise in Brazil. The water is a deep blue-green color, with palm trees and mountains in the background. The surfer has a silhouette against the rising sun, with their board lying flat on the water in front of them. Captivate the feeling of the thrill and adventure of surfing in Brazil with the composition and use of colors.

Florianopolis offers great waves between April and October. Places like Rio’s Barra da Tijuca, Ipanema, and Copacabana are both beautiful and lively. Brazil is a surf lover’s dream, full of rich culture. Getting around is easy and budget-friendly. You can hop on a bus from Floripa to São Paulo for $22.

In case you fancy some kitesurf, Brazil offers one of the best destinations in the world, Jericoacoara, a magical place with a steady wind that is perfect to enjoy and to fly through! But we will talk to you about other places to practice kite surfing in Brazil.

But it’s not just about the surfing. It’s about the community and the endless summer parties. Getting to know local spots and culture adds a special touch to your surf trip. So, dive in and enjoy Brazil’s top surf spots. Are you ready to catch some waves?

Why Surf in Brazil?

Brazil is not often the first place you think of for surfing. Yet, it offers endless opportunities for surf lovers. Its 8,000-kilometer coastline boasts all kinds of waves. You can find hidden gems in São Paulo and famous beaches in Rio like Recreio dos Bandeirantes.

If you’re just starting and need lessons, Rio de Janeiro is perfect. If you’re advanced, consider Florianopolis for a surf camp. Brazil’s warm weather and lively culture enhance any surfing experience.

Consistent Waves All Year Round

Brazil’s waves are consistent and impressive. In the south, waves are best from June to September during winter. The northeast becomes a tropical wave wonderland in winter, with up to 12ft waves.

Rich Surfing Culture

Surfing arrived in Brazil in the 1970s and has since produced global champions. Rodrigo Koxa, known for conquering an 80 ft wave (24.4 meters), and Gabriel Medina, the first Brazilian world champion, are among them.

This legacy makes surfing a special part of daily life on Brazilian beaches. Florianopolis, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo are key places to feel this surfing culture.

A lone surfer catching a perfect wave at one of Florianópolis' top surf spots. The background showcases the natural beauty of the coastline with clear blue skies and vibrant greenery. The surfer is depicted in mid-air, with its board parallel to the wave, showcasing their skill and expertise. The sea colors are bright and vibrant, highlighting the energy and excitement of surfing in Florianópolis.

Variety of Surf Spots

From Praia do Rosa’s consistent beach breaks to Copacabana’s iconic waves, Brazil has something for everyone. Itacaré and Guarda do Embau offer unique surf situations. This variety means you’ll never run out of new waves to conquer.

Yes, you can surf in Brazil. Each surf spot in Brazil is unique, offering diverse conditions. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Brazil has a wave with your name on it.

Brazil’s vast coastline and varied climate makes it perfect for surfers from all over. It doesn’t matter when you visit, there are waves waiting. From beginner lessons in Rio de Janeiro to challenging waves in Florianopolis, there’s something for every surfer. Plus, the rich culture makes each surf session memorable.

Best Time to Surf in Brazil

Brazil’s surf season is great all year, perfect for surfers of any skill. Knowing the best times to surf can really improve your trip.

Summer vs. Winter Conditions

Summer and winter give very different surf experiences in Brazil. In winter, between April and October, the waves are bigger and better. It’s prime time for experienced surfers.

During summer, the waves calm down but are still fun. This is great for beginners or for those who want a less intense surf.

Surfing Seasons by Region

The best surf spots change depending on where you are in Brazil. The South, with places like Florianopolis and Ubatuba, always has waves. It’s a perfect year-round spot.

In the Northeast, places like Fernando de Noronha have their best waves from November to March. This time is especially good for surfing and their beautiful beaches.

If kitesurfing’s your thing, Rio de Janeiro is buzzing during the Brazil kite season. This season also offers great surfing and kiteboarding.

Whether you want to hit a surf camp, soak in the surf scene, or try kitesurfing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil has you covered. The variety of seasons and spots means there’s a wave for everyone, every time.

Top Surf Spots in Florianopolis

Florianopolis is the surf capital of Brazil. It offers some of the best surf spots in the country. You’ll find beautiful, white sand beaches and clear blue waters here.

Praia Mole

Intermediate surfers love Praia Mole Florianopolis. It has a beach break that gives consistent waves. The waves are usually between 2-3 feet from the East. The best wind is offshore (West), which makes the waves clean.

But, be careful of rip currents and how many people are already surfing.

Best Swell2-3ft East
Best WindOffshore (West)
Wave TypeBeach break
HazardsPeople, rips

Joaquina Beach

Joaquina beach is famous for its challenging waves. It’s perfect for advanced surfers. This spot often has surf competitions and strong waves. The breaks are usually left-handed. The thrill and excitement here are always high.

Camp Sites and Surf Schools

Florianopolis has many surf camps and schools, like Nexus Surf Florianopolis. They’re ideal for beginners or those hoping to improve their skills. You get to learn from pros while enjoying Florianopolis’ beauty. It’s an experience you won’t forget.

If a surf trip to Brazil is in your plans, include Florianopolis. It has a great mix of good waves and a lively surf culture. Your adventure here will be one to remember.

Exploring Surf in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is an incredibly beautiful city and a top spot for surf lovers. It has famous spots like Arpoador and Barra da Tijuca. Surfers love the thrilling waves here.


Arpoador is famous for its left waves, attracting many. Waves can be five to seven feet high, perfect for experts. You can even surf at night under bright lights. Everyone from favela kids to the rich enjoys surfing here.

Barra da Tijuca

Barra da Tijuca is for those who love big, challenging waves. It hosts national and global surf events. Professionals come here for its tough waves. Yet, it’s also great for all types of surfers, blending beauty with adventure. It’s a key stop in Rio for any surfer. If you want to get to know different Barra da Tijuca beaches in one day, join to our RioLIVE! Weekend.

Learning to Surf: Best Options

For beginners, Rio offers great learning spots. You can get lessons at Arpoador or join a surf camp. Skilled teachers will help you start. The beauty and culture around Rio make learning even more fun. As English is not so common around Brazil, we recommend you mix our surf classes with our Portuguese courses in Brazil: it is an experience where you will have the opportunity to learn to surf as you learn Portuguese.

Surf SpotWave CharacteristicsSurf LevelUnique Features
ArpoadorConsistent left-handers, 5-7 feetAdvancedNight surfing
Barra da TijucaLarge, powerful wavesExperiencedNational and international championships

Whether you’re experienced or new, Rio has something for you. The city’s surfing scene is exciting and diverse. This makes it perfect for both dreamers and those who ride waves professionally.

Discover the Surf Paradise of Ubatuba

Ubatuba, a hidden gem near São Paulo, has almost 100 unique beaches. Itamambuca Beach stands out, drawing surfers worldwide. Thanks to steady waves and warm waters, it’s a surfer’s paradise. The stunning natural scenery, including mangroves, makes it even more special.

Breathtaking beauty of Ubatuba's coastline with a backdrop of lush green mountains and clear blue skies.

Felipe Toledo, a top surfer, learned in Ubatuba, making it a top pick for surfing. The place not only has great surf but also many rental shops and schools. You can even look for surfboards on Facebook or get a custom one from a local maker.

  • You can stay at Surfbase Hostel or Bamboo Groove, both of which are popular.
  • Aside from surfing, you can try canoeing, Stand-Up Paddleboarding, and hiking in the Serra do Mar Park.
  • Don’t miss the cheese bread at Padaria Integrale, a local bakery.

Ubatuba has many surf contests at Itamambuca beach and is budget-friendly. You can find cheap places to stay. Other great spots to surf include Vermelha do Norte. There are waves for all levels.

Ubatuba offers more than surfing. You can enjoy Brazil’s beautiful nature and active culture. From birdwatching to visiting the aquarium, there’s much to do beyond the beach. It’s a place where the community and the waves blend perfectly.

If you want more surfing in Brazil, consider Trancoso or Itacare. Adding these spots to your trip will make it even more exciting.

Beyond Surfing: Kitesurfing in Brazil

Kitesurfing is now big in northeast Brazil, a thrilling change from surfing. This area is windy from July to December, perfect for kitesurfing. With over 1200 km of coast, blue lagoons, and big sand dunes, it’s a dream for kitesurfing fans.

Jericoacoara Kitesurfing Hotspot

If you’re a kitesurfing enthusiast looking for your next adventure, look no further than Jericoacoara, Brazil. Known as one of the world’s top kitesurfing hotspots, Jericoacoara offers the perfect combination of strong winds, warm waters, and breathtaking scenery. Located in the northeastern part of the country, this remote destination has gained popularity among kiteboarders from all over the globe.

What sets Jericoacoara apart from other kitesurfing spots in Brazil is its consistent wind conditions. The region benefits from a reliable trade wind known as the “Leste,” blowing from the east at an average speed of 20-25 knots. This steady breeze creates the perfect setting for kitesurfing, providing enthusiasts with ideal conditions to hone their skills or learn the sport from scratch.

Jericoacoara is famous for its strong winds and beautiful views. It’s not just for kitesurfing; windsurfing and other water sports are big in Jericoacoara. Nearby places like Tatajuba offer more to explore.

A kitesurfer rides the wind over clear turquoise waters, with a stunning backdrop of Jericoacoara's sand dunes and palm trees. The sun is setting in the sky, casting warm hues over the entire scene. The kitesurf board and kite are both prominently featured in the foreground, capturing the excitement and thrill of this high-octane water sport.

Fortaleza Kitesurfing Adventures

Fortaleza is a gem for those who love excitement. From Cumbuco to Taiba, there’s something for every kitesurfer. The wind is great from July to January, perfect for riding the waves. The spot is praised for its adaptable conditions, suitable for everyone.

Cumbuco Brazil Kitesurfing

The combination of consistent wind and perfect waves makes Cumbuco a kitesurfer’s paradise. With its wide sandy beach and warm water, it’s no wonder why kitesurfing has become such a popular activity here. Whether you’re a beginner looking to take your first lessons or an advanced rider seeking the thrill of big waves, Cumbuco has something to offer for everyone.

Pros and Cons of Kitesurfing in Brazil

Brazil has lots to love about kitesurfing, but there are challenges too. Places like Jericoacoara offer great conditions and stunning views. Many spots welcome all skill levels, ensuring a good time for everyone. Organizations like Surfin Sem Fim organize trips with expert guidance, making the most of the windy season.

Yet, crowded places and safety worries can be downsides. Some areas, though popular like Cumbuco, have higher crime. Staying alert can help avoid theft. Despite these issues, Brazil’s kitesurfing scene is a must for those who love water sports.

SpotWind ProbabilityKite SizeBest Time
Jericoacoara85% (July-December)7-12 m²July to December
Fortaleza90% (July-January)7-12 m²July to January
Cumbuco90% (July-January)7-12 m²July to January

Staying Safe While Surfing in Brazil

Brazil is known for beautiful beaches perfect for surfing. Keeping safe in these surf spots is very important. Know the local customs and always be aware of your surroundings. This will make your surf trip both fun and safe.

A kitesurfer glides through the turquoise waters of Cumbuco, Brazil, with a colorful kite soaring high in the sky. The surfer is surrounded by pristine beaches and lush greenery, creating a tropical paradise backdrop. The kitesurfer in action is carving through the waves and enjoying the thrill of the sport.

Understanding Local Surf Etiquette

It’s key to follow the local surf etiquette for a smooth experience. Give way to others in the water and talk with other surfers. This avoids conflicts and makes sure everyone enjoys themselves. Observing these informal rules is vital, especially at places where locals are protective, like Tiririca.

Precautions Against Petty Crime

Being cautious about petty crime in Brazil is wise. Some areas can have pickpockets. Keep your items safe and out of sight. Using lockers and watching your belongings can help. This makes your surf trip better and worry-free.

Dealing with Crowds

To handle crowded surf spots, mix patience with alertness. When dealing with surfing crowd management in Brazil, know your abilities and choose your waves. Be kind to others in the water. If too crowded, consider less known beaches. Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have many beach options. This gives you a way to avoid the crowd.

Knowing local surf etiquette and watching out for petty crime in Brazil helps. Also, dealing with surfing crowd management in Brazil is crucial. This way, your surfing time will be safer and more fun. Enjoy the waves respectfully and have a great time in Brazil.

Budget-Friendly Surfing Tips

Surfing in Brazil can fit your budget. Here are some tips to catch the waves without spending too much.

Affordable Accommodations

Looking for a place to stay in Brazil on a budget? Surf hostels are a great choice, often costing about $15 per night. You can also find cozy, affordable rentals right by the beach.

Cheap Eats and Meals

Eating local in Brazil can be cheap and tasty. Many places offer meals for around $10. Stick to smaller local restaurants and markets for budget-friendly bites.

A colorful street market in Brazil, with vendors selling a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and homemade snacks at affordable prices. Some vendors are wearing traditional clothes, and there are happy customers bargaining for good deals.

Inexpensive Travel Options

Moving around Brazil doesn’t have to be costly. Buses are affordable, starting at $22 for some long routes.

Flights to major cities like Rio or São Paulo can also be budget-friendly. This makes surfing adventures more doable.

Choosing local ways can save you lots of cash. Visit places like Buzios for surfing and kite dreams on a budget.

Where to Find Surf Camps in Brazil

Do you dream of surfing in the top locations worldwide? Brazil is a leading surf hub. Finding a superb surf camp here is crucial. We will look into some fine choices for you to ensure you make the best decision for your journey.

Top Surf Camps in Florianopolis

The surf capital of Brazil, Florianopolis, is buzzing with surf camps like Nexus Surf. Here, you’ll find custom coaching, a wide range of waves, and a community that will make you feel right at home. The variety of beaches, from the challenging Praia Mole to the novice-loved Barra da Lagoa, means there is something for everyone. This inclusivity makes mastering that perfect wave a reality for all levels.

Choosing the Right Surf Camp for You

Choosing the best surf camp in Brazil is a personal journey. Are you a beginner or looking to perfect that tricky move? Maybe you want to add yoga or meditation to your days, as some camps, including Brazil Kite Dream, offer. Think about the waves you want to surf and the community vibe you seek.

Here’s a detailed comparison of some popular surf camps to help you decide:

Choosing the right surf camp is key to enhancing your surfing experience. It’s a chance to meet others who share your passion and be fully involved in Brazil’s dynamic surf scene. Both Florianopolis and Rio de Janeiro offer surf camps that will perfectly fit your needs and dreams.


Surfing in Brazil combines rich culture, varied landscapes, and amazing waves. You can find constant barrels in Florianopolis and iconic spots in Rio de Janeiro. The country stands out in surfing, with 4 world titles in 6 years and 30 wins in 66 ‘CT events. World-class surfers like Gabriel Medina and Italo Ferreira lead the sport, often supported by top brands.

Jericoacoara is a top pick for kitesurfing in Brazil. It’s perfect for both kite and surf lovers during the season. Thanks to Luiz “Pinga” Campos, many young Brazilian surfers have gotten chances to show their skills on big waves.

Surf tourism boosts local economies, like in Guarda do Embaú, adding about $4 million yearly. Tourists who surf spend more, making up 77% of the area’s tourism money. For surf lessons or a camp, Brazil is a top choice. Enjoy the trip, the local culture, and fun times on Brazil’s beaches.

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