Rio & Learn: Terms and Conditions

How to register

You can register for courses via the Rio & Learn website: Fill in the registration form and select the options that apply to you regarding courses, dates and accommodation. Pay safely with your credit card through the website. When we receive your form, you will receive an email confirming your purchase. 

Reimbursement and Cancellation Policy

To cancel a program, you have to send an email to The cancellation will only be official if Rio & Learn receives the email. Rio & Learn has the following reimbursement policies:

  • If you cancel 15 days or more before your starting date, you will receive a reimbursement of 50% of the amount paid for your course and also 50% for that of your accommodation.
  • If you cancel 14 days or less before your starting date, we won’t reimburse anything.
  • If you want to postpone the course, or make any change, it’s possible to do so with at least five days pior to the starting date. This doesn’t apply to accomodations, which cannot postpone.
  • If you postpone or cancel the course when you have already started, you will not receive any reimbursement for the course nor accommodation.
  • If you fail or miss the classes, you will not be refunded.
  • If you want to change your course, you cannot switch to a cheaper course, and must do it at least five days prior to your scheduled starting date.
  • It’s not possible to refund courses after they are started.
  • If you are not satisfied with the quality of the program, you can make a formal complaint and send it to, explaining why you are not satisfied with the course.

Course Changes

There are differences in changes between private classes and group classes, for example. Check out below which changes are allowed in each case:

Private Classes (including in-person and online classes and immersive packages): Changes can be done with at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled class. 

Group Classes (including in-person and online group courses): For every 10 weeks purchased in a bundle, you will be able to make one change. If you buy a semester of 24 weeks, you can make up to three changes. Any changes must be notified by email or WhatsApp at least five days prior to the beginning of the week you want changed.

Offers / Special Promotions

It is not possible to use multiple coupons for a discount on a single purchase. Discount coupons are not accumulative.

National and Rio Holidays

To start, it’s important to note that our school operates year-round, without vacations, with the exception of Rio de Janeiro state and Brazilian national holidays. We understand the value of our students’ time and therefore do not allow holidays to cause them to lose any purchased hours. Instead, we have different methods for holiday replacement depending on the type of course.

For group classes in Rio, if a holiday happens to fall during the week, on the other days we will have an extra hour of class, totaling the 4 hours missed. So classes will be from 8:30 to 13:30 on those days. However, in weeks with 2 or more holidays, we won’t have group classes at all that week. So, if you have a limited time in Rio, we suggest before booking your classes to check out the holiday schedule for the city. But if you have unlimited time here, don’t worry, we will simply extend one extra week of the course.

For part-time online group classes, if a holiday happens to fall during the week, you will have extra hours on the following Friday. For full-time online group classesif a holiday happens to fall during the week, you will have one more hour of class the day before the holiday and also another hour on the Friday of the same week. In weeks with 2 or more holidays, we won’t have group classes of any type. But this won’t interfere with your learning, since these hours will be held in another week. 

Courses have no classes during the holidays, including: Full-time Online Classes, Part-time Online Classes, Private Online Classes, Group Classes in Rio, Livebusiness!, Private Classes in Rio and Portuguese Classes for Business. 

The only exception for classes during holidays, saturdays and sundays are our Rio & Immersion and Learn a la Carte courses. To have a class in those days, you must schedule at least two hours of Learn a la Carte or six hours of Rio & Immersion.

You can check out all our holidays in our special Dica about it.

Extra costs RioLIVE activities!

We announce the activities, plus their additional costs, on the website every week. However, this price does not include other costs that students might have (e.g. when they buy drinks/food/souvenirs).

Student’s behavior

All the students need to know that once they are in Brazil, they have to respect the Brazilian law. Rio & Learn can expel any any student without a refund in case of arrest by the authorities, regardless of any verdict or sentence. Rio & Learn will also expel any student who is caught for a Rio & Learn member or student violating local laws. Rio & Learn demands that all students come with health insurance that covers them during their stay in Brazil. 


It is your responsibility to get the right documents for entering the country. Rio & Learn will help you with this process, but it is your responsibility to verify the entry requirements. When you study a new language while travelling, most countries – including Brazil – allow you to have a tourist visa. However, when entering the country, you have to state that your reason for your stay in Brazil is for tourism, not studying. The student must be aware of how long their nationalities are allowed to stay on tourism visas, otherwise they might need a student visa to stay for longer periods.

Release of Liability, Assumption of Risk and Insurance Requirements

I voluntarily take part in this course. I assume that the trip to Brazil, where I will study, could possibly include dangerous situations, such as:  personal damages, robbery, diseases, social instability, crimes, terrorism acts, natural disasters and other different dangerous events. I declare that I know that my accomodation’s conditions, food and restrooms will different compared to accommodation in my country. I know that activities outside of school are not associated with Rio & Learn. Therefore, I exempt the school from any responsibilities associated with such activities. I declare to Rio & Learn that I am in perfect physical and mental condition. I exempt Rio & Learn Portuguese school, its employees, directors, agents or any person who work in the school of all or any responsibility for damage, accident, death, action or judgement, including costs, fees and expenses with lawyers that I may have now or in the future, in a direct or indirect way during my stay in Brazil and my participation at Rio&Learn’s courses. I allow the school to use for commercial, marketing or publicity purposes any item that I took part in, like writings, pictures, videos, sound recordings, activities or any other material, in the school, classes (online or in-person), or in any activity, where Rio & Learn or any other of its staff took part in.

Travel and Medical Insurance

I declare that Rio & Learn advised me about the obligation of having a health and travel insurance that covers medical expenses, medical transportation, accidental death and repatriation of the body for the period that I am in Brazil and taking part in the school’s activities and courses. It’s my responsibility to ensure that my insurance covers all those cases. The school is not responsible for any medical emergency, accidents or diseases contracted during their stay in Brazil. Rio & Learn is compromised in case of a medical emergency, police emergency, or any other big incident to communicate with any contact left by the student. Any cost occurred by Rio & Learn in case that the student didn’t follow the rules above will be the student’s responsibility.

Last points

Our school is focused on classes for adults, as per Brazilian law is anyone above 18 years of age. Adult themes such as swear-words and alcohol might be used during classes (even more in group ones), as well as other topics that are not recommended to younger audiences. In case of teenagers older than 16 years old, we need authorization by both parents to enroll, taking into account that adult themes will be addressed. We advise our students to keep this in mind when enrolling. 

If some point is considered invalid, the rest of the document will be considered valid and actions will be taken accordingly. For any related juridical dispute, both sides will have to meet at the state of Rio de Janeiro’s central court for the trial. The maximum length of stay at the accommodations offered by the school is one week after the last day of class. After that, the student is obliged to leave the accommodation.