Who discovered Brazil. Os Portuguese chegaram ao Brasil em 1500.

Our Dica will take us into the past. More than 500 years in the past to be more specific.
Do you guys have any idea who discovered Brazil? Let’s find out!

Who discovered Brazil

Brazil was officially discovered by the Portuguese in 1500. The diplomat Pedro Alvares Cabral was on his way to India, when he landed at Porto Seguro in Bahia. Even though this is what we tell to our Brazilian children, Pedro Alvares Cabral, wasn’t the first Portuguese to come here. There are strong evidences that in 1498, Duarte Pacheco Pereira had been to Brazil in a secret mission ordered by King Manuel of Portugal.

When the Portuguese officially came to Brazil, they met the Tupinamba Indians. Back then, there were around 3 million Indians in Brazilian territory.

Portugal had two main goals. The first one was to establish settlements and the second was to explore the land monopolizing the trade of Pau-Brasil, a tree that later gave name to our country.

They then created the captaincies and Brazil became a colony of Portugal and it remained like that until 1822, when Dom Pedro I declared independence for Brazil.

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Now you know more about the history of Brazil and if someone asks you who discovered Brazil, you can easily answer.

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