A great derby of millions!

Flamengo x Vasco no Maracanã

On this experience we will go to the most famous firebox stadium in the world. It is the original stadium for the Brazilian national team and has hosted two World Cups. Prepare yourself for an experience that is just as much a show as a sporting event. The seats are mostly for decoration as the energy of the fans is at concert level decibels from well before the game. Chants and cheers continue throughout the game, sometimes for on the field play mostly because the fans are willing on their teams. When two of the four teams in Rio are playing each other you can cut the tension with a dull butter knife. There is as much of a competition between fan sections at times as the actual game. Cannons! Drums! The energy is electric! You will learn the Portuguese language for competition while also embracing the Brazilian love for its national sport. Whether you love football or just energy of crowds this is a once in a lifetime venue to visit and experience the love and joy Cariocas share amongst each other in Maracanã.

Kashton Foley, Canada

Watching football at Maracanã

Our students had the opportunity to see a great derby of millions at Maracanã. Vasco and Flamengo are some of the most popular teams in Rio and this derby is known for its intensity and rivalry. The energy inside the arena is great, both fans singing out loud and making the atmosphere even better! In the end we all were stunned by the show performed by the two teams and their fans. As we said before, a great derby of millions!

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