Best Apps to Learn Portuguese

13 de November de 2019

Hello, my friends! As many of you know, the best way to learn Portuguese is through a full immersion in a native country. Being in a country and learning the local language will make you learn at a high speed, and you will become a Portuguese master. However, if you don’t have the opportunity to come to Brazil yet, today we are going to take a look at the Best Apps to Learn Portuguese and find the perfect Portuguese language app for you!

The Best Apps to Learn Portuguese

The internet makes our life easier, right? So why not use it to study? In today’s Dica we bring you the Best Apps to Learn Portuguese, that way you can study Portuguese on the bus, the subway and while you are waiting for your friends to arrive for a drink, hahaha…Let’s learn Portuguese with free apps?

So, here’s the list we organized specially for our amazing viewers:

Best Apps to Learn Portuguese for conversation

Check out some apps to practice conversation:


Babbel is a well very known language app that has approximately 14 million users. This app has a lot of different languages, so you have to pay attention and download the app that you want: Babbel – Aprender PortuguΓͺs. Here you can learn specific grammar rules, vocabulary and improve your pronunciation. One amazing feature is that the workers are linguistic specialists, so you know that you can trust them!


Tandem will make you interact with native speakers and other students. By talking to people (online or in real life) you can improve your target language as well as get to know different people across the world. The platform also has a language correction tool that makes you and the other speakers help each other in a friendly way. Chatting with people is a GREAT way of learning a new language!


The ItalkiΒ  Portuguese language app is also a great tool to learn Portuguese. There you can search for a language exchange partner; you can read people’s profile based on what language you want to learn and start a conversation with someone who interests you. Another great thing about Italki is that you can practice your writing skills through a journal that you keep in the app, that way native speakers will read your sentences and help you correct them.

Best Apps to Learn Portuguese for Vocabulary

Now let’s take a look at some apps that are awesome with vocabulary:


Our students often talk about Duolingo and how they love using it. It is one of the Best Apps to Learn Portuguese for sure! This app is organized in a game style. You can choose the language you want to learn after downloading the app. A very nice thing about this app is that at the beginning you pick your goal of time to spend studying: 5,10,15 or 20 minutes a day. Their symbol; a green owl, will help you learn on a daily basis.


Do you want to start using some of the Best Portuguese Language Apps? Busuu is one of them! With Busuu you can download your exercises and complete them offline! That’s awesome! You can also practice what you already have learned with theirΒ Treinador de vocabulΓ‘rio that allows you to do a revision of the subjects. For them, reviewing is a very important step!

DicionΓ‘rio Informal

Sometimes you hear a word in Portuguese and you can’t find it on Google. Well, sorry to tell you this, but: google doesn’t know it all (YET, hehe). Specially if you are talking about cultural and individual words such as expressions and slang. When this is your problem, you can rely on DicionΓ‘rio Informal. There you can find explanations of expressions, colloquialisms, synonyms and slang that sometimes you struggle finding.


The first and most important thing that you have to know: it’s a free app. Memrise, as the name suggests, will help you to memorize words. The app creates an image or a video with a word (or subject) that you want to learn. It’s so fun!!!!!! And it helps your memory to associate different things and improves your ability to memorize it. This app is focused on the beginner and intermediate levels.


Another great option to use is OptiLingo.Β Sometimes people feel frustrated because they are struggling to learn a language. OptiLingo says that a lot of the time the methods of teaching are outdated and ineffective. With this in mind, they built this amazing app where you can learn a new language in a natural and quick way. With a 100 quick and easy lessons you can learn Portuguese without even noticing, and the best part is that it only takes 20 minutes a day!

PortuguesePod 101

Want to learn Portuguese with videos and audios? PortuguesePod 101 is the perfect app for you. You can access 100s of audios and video lessons that were made by a real teacher thinking of real students, that is: you! You’ll study a little bit each day and learn a lot. One more important thing: this app is free!

Best Apps to Learn Portuguese for translation

And let’s also see apps that have incredible translation tools:

Hello Talk

Hello Talk is very very very famous Portuguese language app (plus other languages!) and they have a huge number of users who want to practice their language skills. There you can send voice messages and even make video calls. In addition to that you can also translate words and sentences. Expand your mind and learn a new language talking with native speakers!


VidaLingua is another app that allows you to learn Portuguese through your cellphone. Here you can find a huge dictionary, that you can access offline too, including translations and examples. They also have dictionary entries with the possibility of hearing the pronunciation. You can translate whole sentences from English to Portuguese (and vice-versa) and hear them pronounced properly.

Learn Portuguese on your phone without Apps

A Dica do Dia

Last, but not least, another amazing way to learn Portuguese is with our Dicas do Dia. Subscribe and come learn a lot with us! You can use the search box that you can find in each of our A Dica do Dia posts to find any topic related to Portuguese learning and believe me, you can find any topic you can imagine. You can access our Dicas in three languages: Portuguese, English and Spanish.

So, what did you think about this amazing list? There’s no more excuses now not to learn a new language with these Portuguese Language Learning Apps! But if you really want to master Portuguese and become fluent, the solution is coming to Brazil and studying one of our courses to have a full immersion. Check out our Portuguese classes in Rio de Janeiro.

Hope you enjoyed ourΒ DicaΒ today and think of us when you want to learn Portuguese in Brazil. See you tomorrow!
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