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27 de July de 2015

Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about Brazilian Funk, a popular music genre here in Brazil! Talking about this type  of music we are also going to learn the different types of Brazilian funk music, we are going to teach you a Brazilian funk dance and also about some Brazilian funk artists and the best funk music ever!

The Brazilian funk

Funk is a type of Brazilian music that is very close to the Brazilian culture and society, and can be considered as a cultural movement. Our funk music is like a landmark, if you come here you must listen, at least once, to our funk (especially the carioca). 

Different types of Brazilian Funk

There are many types of funk in Brazil and today you’ll learn how to identify each of them. Take a look at our explanations!

Brazilian Funk de Raíz (Roots Funk)

It emerged here in Brazil in 1990 and became the victim of prejudice and attacks due to the violence that was present at the funk parties, inside poor communities.This is the first kind of funk originally produced in Brazil. It deals with the reality of life in the slums, and speaks most specifically about the difficulties of living in poor communities.

Brazilian Funk Melody (Melody funk)

Funk Melody is a sub-genre of the Carioca Funk and was also created in 1990. With a beat inspired by the North American R&B, this kind of funk usually has more danceable melodies and lyrics related to romantic relationships. This sub-genre inspired a new generation of singers, such as Anitta and Ludmilla and is very popular nowadays.

 Brazilian Funk Proibidão (Prohibited Funk)

Funk Proibidão was created in 1990 inside the slums of Rio de Janeiro. It is so called because it addresses issues that are not well accepted by society in their lyrics: crime and sex. What is most characteristic about this type of funk is that its lyrics usually describe. explicitly, sexual practices and other behaviours that offend the police, rival gangs and extol the life of crime. MC Daleste was famous for singing Funk Proibidão.

Brazilian Funk Ostentação (Ostentation Funk)

Funk Ostentação was created in 2008 in São Paulo. It’s lyrics describe a millionaire lifestyle that often, interestingly, do not represent the real life of the singer. Luxury cars and lots of money accompanied by many women are usually seen in the clips. KondZilla, is a famous producer of Funk Ostentação,  and is also known for producing great visual materials that represent perfectly this sub-genre. He also produces other types of Brazilian funk nowadays.

Top 10 Brazilian Funks

We have prepared a Top 10 Brazilians Funks for you to have fun while listening to one of the most important music genres of Brazil! Take a look!

1. Tá Tranquilo, Tá Favorável – MC Bin Laden

2. Rap da Felicidade – Cidinho & Doca

3. Olha a Explosão – MC Kevinho

4. Cerol na mão – Bonde do Tigrão

5. Dança do Créu – MC Créu

6. Baile de Favela – MC João

7. Glamurosa – MC Marcinho

8. Funk das Antigas – Jonathan Costa

9. Você Partiu Meu Coração – Nego do Borel

10. Tá Dominado – SD Boys

Top 5 Brazilian funk artists 

Now we are going to introduce you to some of the best Brazilian funk artists. That way you can also get to know more about the people who sing these famous songs. Some of them are established artists and some of them are new artists that started not long ago, but are growing very fast and becoming very famous!

Mr. Catra

Wagner Domingues Costa, best known as Mr. Catra, was a very famous funk singer in 2000. He has a lot of songs that all Brazilians know even the ones who don’t like Brazilian funk songs hahaha… He is known as o pai da putaria (the father of hustling) because his songs talk mostly about sex and because he had a lot of children!

MC Marcinho

MC Marcinho is one of the biggest names in funk melody. His was very famous during the 2000’s too. He is from Rio de Janeiro. Nowadays he doesn’t release new songs anymore, but he is considered to be a classic in terms of Brazilian funk music. This is his biggest hit:

Tati Quebra Barraco: female Brazilian funk

Tati Quebra Barraco is one of the most famous female artists in Brazilian funk. As you probably realized, Brazilian funk (as are many other areas and segments in life) is dominated by men. She was one of the first female names to get recognition and become famous. She was born and raised in Cidade de Deus. Her songs talk about sex, relationships, female independence and self love. She is an inspiration for many other women that also sing funk.

Kevin O Chris

Kevin O Chris is one of the highlights of the 150BPM movement. BPM means batida por minuto (beats per minute), this movement is a new style that is becoming very popular and it’s basically funk with a faster beat. Check out one of his most famous songs:

MC Rebecca: the new name of Brazilian funk

MC Rebecca is the new name of Rio de Janeiro’s funk and she is growing so fast that it’s crazy! She is making music for a year now and she is already very famous in Brazil. Her songs are also about dancing, sex and female empowerment. Usually the funk that talks about sex always speaks from the male perspective, so it’s amazing to have a woman (just like Tati) that talks about the same thing but from her perspective. And she also sings songs that talk about same sex relationships, this is very new in the funk world.

Brazilian funk dance

Now that you know about the best Brazilian funk songs, let’s talk about the Brazilian funk dance. We have a very particular way of dancing funk. To dance funk you need to move, specially, your hips, your knees and your butt. The most important thing is moving you butt and rebolar  – shake your ass or twerk, call it what you like, and check out this video and learn how to dance funk:

The best way to learn how to dance is coming to study Portuguese in Brazil and coming to Lapa with us! You’ll absolutely learn how to dance there by watching Brazilians dancing.

And that’s it for today!
We hope you like this Dica!

Kisses and Hugs from Rio & Learn.


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