What is a Favela

26 de December de 2016

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Today our A Dica do Dica is full of culture! We’ll tell you what is a favela.

The favelas are known for being one of the things that better represent the Brazilian identity. They first appeared in Brazil back in the 30s, when immigrants that could not afford more expensive houses took refuge/shelter in houses considered illegal by the government.

The favelas main characteristic is that they are usually built in urban areas, on steep and risky areas such as morros and hillsides. There are currently about 1000 favelas spread all over the state of Rio de Janeiro.

The life in the Favela

What is a Favela in Rio de Janeiro.

Because the houses are built in precarious areas, providing basic supplies in these places ends up being very difficult and that’s one of the reasons why people don’t have a sewer system, potable water, electricity, internet and policing. These create a lower lifestyle for those who live there.

With so many peaks and troughs, life in a favela may be difficult, but nothing is impossible. People who want a better future, opt to do activities in which they can explore their creativity, such as sports, graffiti, martial arts and music.

Regarding work, many people choose to have informal jobs, becoming camelôs, salespersons, merchants, bricklayers/builders, electricians and others. Many people also prefer to have their own business, attracting inhabitants from the favela and even tourists.

List of Favelas in Rio de Janeiro

We prepared a list for you with some favelas that you can find in Rio de Janeiro.
Do you know any of them?

[one_half]Favela Santa Marta
Cidade de Deus
Complexo do Alemão[/one_half][one_half_last]
Morro dos Macacos
Morro do Turano
Morro da Babilônia
Morro dos Prazeres
Morro da Providência[/one_half_last]

Now you know more about the favelas in Rio. What a about droping by some of them?

We see each other in the next Dica!
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