Rotisseria Sírio Libanesa

18 de June de 2019

Hello friends! Today our Dica is tasty, juicy, delicious, thoroughly addictive and it will make you hungry! I present to you the Rotisseria Sírio Libanesa, a well-loved Lebanese restaurant in Rio de Janeiro.

The Rotisseria Sírio Libanesa

If you like middle-eastern food, you need to discover the Rotisseria Sírio Libanesa or as it is known by the locals: The Arab of Largo do Machado. We call it the Arabic restaurant in a loving way, with affection and respect. 

In Portuguese, we have the habit of using a general name to talk about a specific thing. So, in this case, we often use the word Arabic to talk about everything that is related to the middle-eastern world. For us, this is not offensive, it’s only a way to simplify our speech.

Take a look at our video to learn more about the Rotisseria Sírio Libanesa. Don’t forget to turn the subtitles on!

The Rotisseria Sírio Libanesa is a Lebanese restaurant in Rio de Janeiro specialized in Syrian and Lebanese food, as the name already demonstrates. Super traditional, it is part of the Carioca culture, existing for 50 years inside the Galeria Condor in Largo do Machado.

One very cool thing is that its location has remained the same for many years, helping to create an identification and an emotional bond with clients, who become loyal to the restaurant.

How to get to Rotisseria Sírio Libanesa

Largo do Machado is a square located in the South Zone of Rio between the neighborhoods of Laranjeiras, Flamengo  and Catete. It is appreciated as a traditional place partly due to this restaurant, the cinema and a long-established school that’s just off the square. You can visit it after our Catete Palace RioLIVE!

Address: Largo do Machado, 29. 
Price range: Cheap
Best day to go: Every day
Best time of the day: After work

To get there you must take the subway and get off at Largo do Machado Station. Leaving via the square’s exit, you have to cross the street to the Galeria Condor located at nº 29, Largo do Machado. The galeria is a covered arcade filled with stores, enter and go straight ahead to find the restaurant.

About the food

Lebanese restaurant in Rio de Janeiro. Kibe and esfirra.

The taste of the food is unique and has remained the same for many years. Must be a magic recipe! The service is great and as much as you can sometimes find large queues, due its success, you will be served quickly.

The price is also great.Their mate is a delight, as is the traditional cashew juice. They have vegetarian options too!

If you want to have lunch there, arrive early. The space for lunch is small and it is veeeery busy. But rest assured, it’s worth the wait.

A great option is also to ask for a take out. If you don’t have time, or want to eat your delicious food while watching Netflix you can buy your food and take it away to eat in the comfort of your home.

My Dica is the esfirra de queijo. It is simply sensational and like no other. The cheese is delicious and the dough of all salgados is thin. After eating there, you will hardly find another esfirra that good. Be careful not to get addicted!

In fact, we could spend the whole day recommending things for you to eat at Rotisseria Sírio Libanesa. But you need to go there and try. It’s certainly something out of this world!

We, from Rio & Learn, hope you liked this Dica about Rotisseria Sírio Libanesa. Trust us, and go there to try it 😉

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