What does Coxinha mean in Portuguese?

20 de September de 2016

What does Coxinha mean in Portuguese?

What does Coxinha mean in Portuguese? VocΓͺ estΓ‘ tΓ£o coxinha!
Hello everyone, and welcome to A Dica do Dia!
My name is Jessica, I’m from the United Kingdom and I’m studying Portuguese here at Rio & Learn.Β We have a question for you: What does Coxinha mean?

Today we’re going to see three different meanings for this word.

One of the meanings of Coxinha is simply delicious. It’s a very popular snack here.Β You can buy it in every lanchonete in Brazil, like this one here. It consists of chopped chicken meat covered in dough and molded into a shape like a chicken leg.Β It’s very popular here among cariocas and foreigners.

The word coxinha has also become more popular in the last four years in Brazil. It can be used to describe a person who is a bit posh some say.Β Dressed as well, has a lot of money and is very politically correct.Β Politically speaking, coxinha also means someone who is right-wing.

Things a Coxinha says

Brazil’s economic situation is a piece of shit because of the poor people that spend the money from the government. This bunch of poor people should look for a job instead of eating mortadela. You poor!

Mortadela is a Brazilian cold cut very cheap that you can buy in any supermarket. The word is also used to refer to the lower class or to left-wing parties.

So, guys. If you want to talk about the food then you say A coxinha, and if you want to talk about the person then you say O coxinha. Well, that’s all from us. We hope you like the video, and if you want to learn more then subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Kisses from Rio de Janeiro!

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