Plural of words ending in vowels

Plural of words ending in vowels. Os alunos estão visitando a escola de Samba. Students are visiting the Samba school.

What’s up guys, are you ok?
Let’s learn some Portuguese?

In our Dica today, we are going to learn a little bit about the plural form in Portuguese. Let’s learn the plural of words ending in vowels.

All the words ending in vowel have the plural with s.

A casa – As casas
O pé – Os pés
O gari – Os garis
O menino – Os meninos
O baú – Os baús
House – Houses
Foot – Feet
Garbage man – Garbage men
Boy – Boys
Chest – Chests

Now, let’s see some examples with words that end with vowels in plural:


As casas são verdes.
The houses are green.

Meus pés doem quando ando demais.
My feet hurt when I walk too much.

Os copos são de vidro.
The glasses are made of glass.

Os telefones são antigos.
The telephones are old.

As meninas estão brincando na rua.
The girls are playing on the street.

As ruas estão muito cheias.
The streets are very crowded.

Os baús guardam tesouros.
The chests keep treasures.

Os garis limpam as ruas da cidade.
The garbage men clean the streets of the city.

That’s it guys, now we know a little bit more about the plural in Portuguese.

See you later, guys!
Hugs from Rio de Janeiro!

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