Police in Portuguese

4 de December de 2014

What’s up? On our Dica today we are going to study the vocabulary for Police in Portuguese. Let’s learn what there is in a police station, the police officer equipment and the types of crimes in Portuguese.

Police Vocabulary in Portuguese

A polΓ­ciaThe police
A delegaciaThe police station
A prisΓ£oThe prison

The Positions in the Police

O delegadoThe police chief
O policialThe cop
O investigadorThe investigator
O detetiveThe detective
O peritoThe legal expert

The People Involved

A vΓ­timaThe victim
O acusadoThe accused
O assassinoThe murderer
O sequestradorThe kidnapper
O traficanteThe drug dealer
O ladrΓ£oThe thief
O trombadinha / O piveteA child pickpocket

Objects Related to the Police

A farda / O uniformeThe uniform
As algemasThe handcuffs
O distintivoThe badge
A viaturaThe police car
O casseteteThe baton
A armaThe gun
A munição / A balaThe ammunition / The bullet
A facaThe knife
O boletim de ocorrΓͺncia (B.O.)The incident report

Types of Crimes

O assassinatoThe murder
O furtoThe pickpocket
O roubo / O assaltoThe theft / The robbery
O sequestroThe kidnapping

Expressions Related to the Police

Prestar queixa / Fazer um B.O.File a complaint
Fazer a revistaDo a search (search someone)
Ficar na moitaStay hidden
A apreensΓ£oThe seizing
A mulaThe drug mule
O cracudoThe drug user
O X9The whistleblower
O 171The con-artist

Pronunciation for Police in Portuguese

Let’s review the words we have just learned by repeating them after this video. Are you ready? Remember you can always follow us in our Youtube channel!

Have you heard about DEAT (Special Police Support Tourism)? It’s a police department specially prepared to assist tourists in Brazil.Β But, of course, if you have problems, you can go to any police station. This is great to know if you are looking forward into studying Portuguese in Brazil.

Well, we hope you found this class about the police in Portuguese very helpful!

We’ll meet again on the next Dica! Valeu!

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