Valeu in Portuguese

3 de May de 2016

Different meanings of “Valeu” in Portuguese

If you’ve ever been to Rio de Janeiro, you’ve certainly heard ‘valeu amigo‘ or ‘valeu cara‘ at some point. Valeu in Portuguese is one of those expressions that is used whenever humanly possible. And now it is finally time for you to understand all the Portuguese meanings of valeu.

“Valeu!” as “Thank you!”

Most times,Β valeu is used as a synonym forΒ obrigado β€” in other words, “thank you!” Whenever you ask for a favor, or even when the waiter hands you your coconut water, you can say Valeu!

Examples of “Valeu!” as “Thank you!”

– VocΓͺ pode me dar uma Γ‘gua de coco, por favor? Valeu!
Can you get me some coconut water, please? Thanks!

– Liga pro restaurante para mim, por favor. Valeu!
Call the restaurant for me, please. Thanks!

“Valeu!” as “Bye!”

We can also useΒ valeu in Portuguese as an alternative to “bye.” This is just one of the many ways of saying goodbye in Portuguese.

Examples of “Valeu!” as “Bye!”

– Γ‰ isso, cara. AtΓ© amanhΓ£!
– That’s it, man. See you tomorrow!

– Me manda mensagem mais tarde! Tchau!
– Vou mandar! Valeu!
– Text me later! Goodbye!
– I’ll do it.Β Bye!

“Valeu” in Portuguese is a Jack of All Trades

If you thought that was the end of the meanings, then you’re in for a treat!Β Valeu can be used as “OK” or “Got it.” Want to ask if someone understood something you just explained? Valeu? Want to reassure someone you are following? Valeu! You will hear it in all sorts of situations; especially when somebody is either looking for or giving confirmation of something.

Examples of “Valeu” in Portuguese in different contexts

– Essa Γ© a nossa agenda da semana. Valeu?
– This is our schedule for the week. Got it?
–Β Got it.

– MΓ£e, to indo pra praia com a Malu, valeu?
– Ok.
– Mom, I’m going to the beach with Malu, ok?
– Ok.

That’s it for today, people! Check out some more examples of valeu in Portuguese by watching the video below, made with the help of Fabian, one of our students at Rio & Learn.

Let’s practice a little. From now on you can only say “thank you and “bye with the word Valeu!
Try it and comment on our Facebook, Twitter or YouTube channelΒ on how it went.


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