Best Moments in the Olympics

Best Moments in the Olympics

Best Moments in the Olympics. The Olympic Spirit: O Espírito Olímpico.
All good things must come to an end, and so did the Olympic Games in Rio.
On our Dica today, we’ll see the best moments in the Olympics. Those who will stay forever in our memory!

The Games proved us something we all knew: Politicians in Brazil think more about kangaroos than infrastructure. But fortunately, in the Opening Ceremony, Rio rocked! It was a spectacle for all the world to see!

And talking about spectacle, we need to talk about Usain Bolt, the legend on the track, and Michael Phelps, the legend in the water. We have serious doubts if these two guys are humans. And it was in the water that something historical happened. The United States won their 1000th medal in Olympic Games with the female swimming team. Brazil will get there some day! Wait for us!

The Olympic Spirit

The coolest thing in the Olympic Games is the Olympic Spirit, you know? Athletes helping each other, peace between nations, and of course, diversity!

These were the Olympics of love! We had a fan meeting her crush, we had a marriage proposal, and we learned that for Brazilian people, love is more important than medals, isn’t it right? Another thing that Brazilian love is to root. We root for anyone! We root for our own athletes, we root for other countries athletes, and we root even for the judge, if it’s the case.

For the medal!

We learned that, for a medal, a Brazilian is capable of anything! Even throwing himself on the track. Good to know that we are an example to other athletes! And those who couldn’t get the medal this year will certainly win in 2020!

Those were the best moments in the Olympics, guys.
That was the first time we received the games in Rio, and the first time we see we are the center of the world. It was a very important event for us and an incredible experience! We hope that you had as much fun as us, and that you feel welcome to come back whenever you want. We’ll be waiting!

Thank you for everything and remember that Rio & Learn is always with our doors opened!

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