Brazilian Accessories

26 de April de 2016

Brazilian Accessories

How are you doing? Today, as usual, we bring you something to add even more to your knowledge… but also perhaps to your style? Let’s talk about Brazilian accessories! You already have seen everything related to women’s clothing and then to men’s clothing in Portuguese. But now we will talk about the multiple accessories in Portuguese, that you can find anywhere you look around in Brazil. I am sure your Portuguese teacher wears at least one of them for classes! Let’s find out?

Vocabulary for Brazilian Accessories

brazilian accessories: chap茅u, bon茅 e gorro

We selected three famous types of hats to talk about. The chap茅u is a very broad term to anything you use in your head. The bon茅 is very famous in the street style, and you can use it with flap forward or backwards. Which do you prefer? Finally, the gorro is that head accessory for when it’s very cold, which for us here in Rio de Janeiro is rare.

brazilian accessories: 贸culos, 贸culos de sol, m谩scara

We all know someone that needs glasses, right? We call them 贸culos! You might even find people that call it 贸culos de grau, which means glasses with prescription. The 贸culos de sol is a variation that you can use it at the beach! And in Covid times, don’t forget your m谩scara!

brazilian accessories: brinco, anel e colar

Let’s now talk about something to make us shine even brighter! Brincos are used on our ears, and you can have as many as you want. The colar, on the other hand, we use on our necks. And for our fingers, we have the anel. But did you know that commitment rings are called alian莽as? What about you? Do you prefer silver or golden accessories?

accessories in portuguese: el谩stico de cabelo, grampo and presilha If you have long hair, this is the section for you! If you want to style that amazing ponytail, you will probably need a good el谩stico de cabelo. They stretch and can be used for many hairstyles. We call it this way because the word el谩stico is also used for everyday stationary elastics. The grampo can come in many styles, but the most famous one is the simple ones, that we often use hidden under our hairstyle. And finally, we have the practical presilha! Some people in Rio might refer to this one in the picture as piranha, which is also a swear-word, so keep that in mind!

accessories from brazil: rel贸gio de pulso, pulseira e tornozeleira

Do you wear an analog watch or a smartwatch? Well, it doesn’t matter. In Brazil, they are all called rel贸gio de pulso. Did you know that our Santos Dumont was the one that popularized the rel贸gio de pulso? Before that, it was just worn by royalty. The pulseira, on the other hand, is a very common accessory that most people love to wear, right? Tornozeleiras are not as common, and are worn around the tornozelos, and that is why it receives this name.

accessories from brazil: cinto, pochete e carteira

Some people love cinto, and use them as true accessories, while others just use them when their pants are loose. It’s the same for pochete: some people swear it’s the tackiest thing on Earth, but others love their usefulness. Do you think it’s difficult to style a pochete with other articles of clothing? Finally, the carteira is where you keep all your documents and money!

accessories from brazil: bolsa, mochila e mala de viagem

And to carry all your stuff around when you go to your Portuguese classes, you need one of these three: bolsa, usually worn by ladies, and can come in any sizes and shapes; mochila, used by everyone from young to old; and if you really have much stuff, a good old mala de viagem is the right choice for you!

Accessories Pronunciation

Now let’s check our pronunciation about accessories in Portuguese with the video! You can turn on the subtitles if needed:

So, that were some of the most famous accessories in Portuguese! What are your favorite accessories to wear? Are there any that you detest? That’s it for the Brazilian accessories! I hope you all enjoyed it, and don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel and learn more Portuguese with us!

Bye everyone!
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