History of Recife

11 de October de 2017

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Did you know that the history of Recife is related to the Netherlands?ย  On today’s Dica we’ll learn more about Recife and its history.

History of Recife

Pernambuco and its capital, Recife,ย have a turbulent history. The history of the city began in 1537: the king of Portugal divided the great colony into strips of land.ย The lands, called Capitanias Hereditรกria (Hereditary Captaincies), were donated to wealthy entrepreneurs so that they could thrive in the name of the Crown.

However, in dividing the land, the king also divided the huge investments required to turnย such a vast country into something manageable and profitableย above all.ย Few captaincies lasted, but Duarte Coelho succeeded in Pernambuco with Olinda as its capital.ย The strongest consumption culture in Pernambuco was sugarcane.

In 1630, the Netherlands conquered the area and greatly marked the history of northeastern Brazil. They governed a large area that went approximately from Sรฃo Luรญs, in Maranhรฃo to Salvador, in Bahia. Under the inspiring government of John Maurice de Nassau, Recife’s urban planning was accomplished by designing a street plan and building bridges, bringing prominent architects.

When John Maurice had to leave Recife, there was the turbulence: a small army of Portuguese soldiers and local rebels took the place and drove the Dutch out of northeastern Brazil.

How is Recife today

Besides being known for its important tourist potential, Recife has a rich cultural center and a great historical heritage, a relatively well developed infrastructure and is also recognized not only for having the coolest beaches in Brazil, but also for attracting more and more Brazilian and foreign tourists. There, stand out frevo, a typical dance of the Northeastern Carnival, especially in Recife and Olinda, as well as the famous bonecรตes de Olinda.

Economically, Recife has become the city with the second largest medical and pharmaceutical industry in Brazil and is one of the most important cities in Software Engineering.

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Now we know more about the history of Recife and we also know more about Brazil.

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