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1 de February de 2022

Knowing Petrópolis. Carriage tour in Petrópolis. Petrópolis day trip
Petrópolis day trip.  Carriage tour in Petrópolis.

Meeting 08:30h at Rio & Learn
Costs: 270 reais
Includes: Transportation + Carriage Tour + Imperial Museum + Brewery Bohemia

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Are you about to have a Petrópolis day trip? One of the favorite destination for cariocas, Petrópolis is an amazing city. Known as Imperial City, it received its name because it was Dom Pedro’s favorite place to go relax. The city is located in the mountain region of Rio, and is considered the safest city in the state. In the city, past and present walk side by side. Because the city has mild weather, historical buildings and abundant vegetation are the main touristic attractions.

Who told you that you couldn’t enjoy a bit of “cold” weather in Rio de Janeiro?  In this city it is possible, since the city reaches temperatures such as 10 degrees Celsius. Besides that, you can visit the Imperial Museum, the breweries, the Crystal Palace and all the historical center with other Portuguese students.  Enjoy the weekend with Rio & Learn and practice your Portuguese while having fun! In addition, Petrópolis is very interesting and all those who visit Rio de Janeiro must see this beautiful city.

Come to Rio & Learn and study Portuguese while having fun discovering Rio and its history.

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A walk in Petrópolis. We visited many places and we fell in love with Petrópolis.
A walk in Petrópolis. We visited many places and we fell in love with Petrópolis.