Street Vendors in Rio de Janeiro

Street Vendors in Rio de Janeiro. We can find a Camelô anywhere.
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You see that cara (guy) over there? He is a street vendor, and that’s what we are talking about today. We’re talking about street vendors in Rio de Janeiro.

Here we call a street vendor Camelô or Ambulante. It’s a person that sells things at the streets of the city. You can find them anywhere, anytime, during the day or during the night. There are many kinds of camelô around the city. The simple ones, the ones that are more sophisticated and full of items, and you can buy pretty much anything with them. Let’s take a look!

What can we buy in a Camelô?

Here you can buy a t-shirt or a blouse, a canga (sarong) if you’re going to the beach, headphones, earphones or items to your cellphone, and of course, souvenirs to your family and friends. You can buy things to your house too, like bed wear, sheets and towels. And the best ones where you can buy food. And by the way, the beach food and the street food in Rio de Janeiro is simply amazing!

That’s it, guys! So, if you’re coming to Rio de Janeiro and need to buy different stuff, you need to look for a camelô. Remember, they are all around the city, so you just have to look around and you will find them. By the way, one of them has a message for you, take a look!

Here it’s all happiness, Marvelous City. It’s the best city in the world!

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Hugs and kisses to everyone!

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