Walk through the Botanical Garden

Walk through the Botanical Garden

Walk through the Botanical Garden
Students at the Botanical Garden

Ieri nel pomeriggio abbiamo visitato il giardino botanico di rio. Abbiamo potuto vedere una grandissima varieta di piante, ma la cosa piu bella e stata vedere le scimmie arrampicarsi sugli alberi. E stato un bel pomeriggio, mi sono divertito molto.

Marco Ciambellini, Italy.

Walk through the Botanical Garden
Students at the gunpowder mill

Yesterday’s RioLIVE! Activity took us on a historical walk through the Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro. Our Portuguese students were super excited to see the fauna and flora of one of the most important sites of Rio.
Our tour started at the school, where all the students gathered with the teacher and headed to the bus stop. The bus ride itself was really cool, since some of the students were new in the city and got to see some of the most famous neighborhoods in town. But that’s not what we wanted to see…the garden was waiting for us. After a 30 minutes ride on the bus we were finally there. The entrance alone already impressed the students, since we could see the Botanical Museum as well as some of the oldest houses in Rio de Janeiro.

We made a quick stop at the visitor center to get some maps and start our tour properly. We began by exploring Darwin’s path to the sensory garden, where looks are not important, since the plants have textures and scents to ignite our senses. Our students from Italy, Venezuela, Germany, Canada and Colombia had a great time practicing their Portuguese, learning about a bit of the Brazilian history, seeing the tree that gave the name to our country, the Pau Brasil, the famous giant lily pads (Vitória Régia), orchids, bromeliads and even some monkeys that came to greet us. It was a delightful afternoon in a jungle inside the city…there’s nothing quite like it. That’s what we call funlearning!

Join our RioLIVE! Activities and learn Portuguese while you see the city from a different perspective!

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