2002 World Cup

5 de July de 2018

Hey, galera! Are you rooting for the Brazilian team?! Of course you are! 😉
Today we will talk about the 2002 World Cup, the Brazilian fifth title in this tournament. Check this out!

2002 World Cup

This is another special edition of the tournament because it was the first time ever that the World Cup was hosted in Asia and also by two different countries at the same time: Japan and South Korea were the chosen ones to do so. It was held from May 31st to June 30th, 2002 with its final match hosted by Japan at International Stadium in Yokohama.

The tournament had several unexpected results, which included the defending champions France being eliminated in the group stage without earning a single point and second favorites Argentina, also being eliminated in the group stage. Additionally, the host South Korea managed to reach the semi-finals, beating teams like Spain and Italy on the way through. Let’s not forget the underdog Turkey taking the third place in this edition.

Groups and Countries

[one_fourth]Group A

France[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Group B

South Africa
Slovenia[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Group C

Costa Rica
China[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Group D

South Korea
United States
Poland[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Group E

Republic of Ireland
Saudi Arabia[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Group F

Nigeria[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Group G

Ecuador[/one_fourth][one_fourth]Group H


Road to the Title

The Brazilian Team didn’t have problems to take the first place through the group stage. They also could eliminate Belgium at the round of sixteen and England at the quarter-finals. At the semi-finals they faced Turkey once again since they were at the same group. At the finals, Brazil faced and defeated Germany by 2 x 0 with Ronaldo scoring twice.

This Word Cup was very special for Ronaldo because he was coming from two major knee surgeries that made him stop playing for almost two years. Many people didn’t believe that he could return and play as a high level athlete, but the coach at that time, Felipão, trusted him and in the end Ronaldo proved everybody that Felipão was right. Besides his two goals, he was the tournament’s top scorer with 8 goals.

Fun fact is that other players complained about not sleeping because of Ronaldo. Ele ronca muito alto (he snores really loud), they said. Good thing is that Ronaldo could sleep very well, and that’s all that matters.

Another interesting thing was the fact that the player Cafu was the first one ever to play three consecutive World Cup finals (1994-1998-2002), winning two of them, a record that still stands. Let’s see a video with the goals and the highlights of the final match:

Brazil’s 2002 World Cup Squad

If you don’t remember the positions in Portuguese, check out our Dica about Football Positions.

1 Goleiro Marcos
2 Lateral direito Cafu
3 Zagueiro Lúcio
4 Zagueiro Roque Júnior
5 Meio campo Edmílson
6 Lateral esquerdo Roberto Carlos
7 Meio campo Ricardinho
8 Meio campo Gilberto Silva
9 Atacante Ronaldo
10 Meia Rivaldo
11 Meia Ronaldinho
12 Goleiro Dida
13 Lateral direito Belletti
14 Zagueiro Anderson Polga
15 Meio campo Kleberson
16 Lateral esquerdo Júnior
17 Meia Denílson
18 Meio campo Vampeta
19 Meia Juninho Paulista
20 Atacante Edílson
21 Atacante Luizão
22 Goleiro Rogério Ceni

How about a quick exercise?

Now it’s your turn!

Answer the questions according to the Dica:

  1. Onde foi realizada a Copa do Mundo de 2002?
  2. Por que as pessoas não acreditavam que Ronaldo poderia jogar bem?
  3. Contra qual seleção o Brasil jogou novamente na semi-final?
  4. Contra quem o Brasil jogou a final?
  5. Qual foi o fato interessante envolvendo o jogador Cafu?

That’s it! We learned about the fifth Brazilian World Cup title at the 2002 World Cup. Stay tuned for more Dicas subscribing at A Dica do Dia or learn more about Rio following us at our Instagram.

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  1. Coréia do Sul e Japão.
  2. Ele teve duas grandes cirurgias no joelho e não sabiam se podia voltar a jogar como antes.
  3. Turquia.
  4. Alemanha.
  5. Foi o primeiro jogador a jogar três finais consecutivas.