Have you lost the opportunity to begin the new year fulfilling your promise to learn Portuguese? well, no problem! There is a saying in Brazil that states the year just begins after Carnival! Consider this your second opportunity to fulfill your New Year’s promise and learn Portuguese for good!

Bloco de Carnaval, or Carnival Block, is a street parade in which people go during Carnival to dance and celebrate. Usually you go to a Bloco with your friends to have fun, but many people make life-long friends during it! So, that is why we are inviting you over to Rio & Learn Carnival Block! Come celebrate with us, bring your friends to the fun, and learn Portuguese!

Rio & Learn online courses are perfect for the busy life we have nowadays. You can tune in from anywhere in the world and have classes with our native teachers. Our small groups consist of only 2-6 students. The classes furthermore have an oral focus, so you will reach your fluency as soon as possible!


Valid til 28-02-2023

This is your second chance to begin 2023 learning Portuguese for good with our online group classes!

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Bring a friend during Carnival! For every month your friend buys, you get a week for free! And they get 15% OFF!

When your friend buys their course, tell them to inform us about your indication!

Come back to study with us and bring your friend together! You both get 15% OFF on your course!

Ask on our Whatsapp for your cupom with 15% for two courses!

No friends? Not a student yet? No problem! Get 10% OFF anyway to begin studying with us!

Time to make new friends while learning Portuguese in our Bloco! Use the cupom: BLOCO10

Remember, this promotion is valid til 28-02-2023 for online group classes! Enjoy it before it ends!

Buy now and celebrate with us!

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