Fun Urca

6 de April de 2015

Fun Urca

Portuguese students at Urca.
Portuguese students at Urca.

El paseo por la Urca fue muy interesante! Pudimos conocer un poco mas sobre esta area alrededor del Pan de Azucar y visitar la `Praia VermelhaΒ΄ un lugar maravilloso que jamas me imagine encontrar. Adicionalmente, cerramos la tarde de la mejor manera posible: sentados en el `Bar da UrcaΒ΄ tomando unas politas.

Daniel Osorio, Colombia.

The neighborhood of Urca is one of the most traditional places in Rio de Janeiro. There, is located the mountains of PΓ£o de Açúcar and Urca. An important detail is that this neighborhood has beaches with Guanabara’s Bay water (not good to swim) and the ocean (good to swim).

We met at the school and went to Urca by bus, starting our RioLIVE! enjoying the beautiful Praia Vermelha. After some swimming we started our walk through the place where is possible to see Praia de Botafogo and Flamengo, besides Marina da GlΓ³ria and city of NiterΓ³i.

This neighborhood is considered the most calm of the city, with no criminal incidents, due to some military buildings. It is also expensive because it is one of the few places at the South Zone without ‘favelas’. Our Portuguese students were really amazed with the architecture of the Benjamin Constant Institute which is an institution that helps people with visual deficiency.

We finished our RioLIVE! at Urca’s observatory talking in Portuguese and drinking some beers. It was a great afternoon.

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