Favela Santa Marta – RioLIVE! Weekends

Favela Santa Marta - RioLIVE! Weekends


Favela Santa Marta (or Dona Marta) is one of the most popular favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Have you ever heard the term favela tour? Did you know Michael Jackson’s video They Don’t Care About Us was recorded in Brazil? Prepare to walk around and see one of the best views of our city!

Meeting: 13:00 at Rio & Learn
Cost of the activity: 200 reais

Michael Jackson’s Scenery

Santa Marta became famous around the world when Michael Jackson recorded the video “They don’t care about us” in 1996. But you must be wondering: why would Michael Jackson record such an iconic video in Santa Marta? Well, the director of the video, Spike Lee, met the group Olodum in 1991 and liked them so much that he decided to include them in one of his future projects. According to him, the idea was to show a part of the world that no one actually wanted to see. Michael Jackson thought that the idea completely matched the lyrics, and that was how Santa Marta got in the spotlight.

Check out this amazing video and discover what Favela Santa Marta looks like!

The team that recorded They Don’t Care About Us in Brazil, had to ask permission to the local drug dealer boss in order to be able to do it. Fortunately, in 2008, Military Police settled the first UPP (Peace-keeping Police Unit) of Rio de Janeiro, finishing the control of drug dealers. Today, Santa Marta is one of the safest favelas in the city and got other popular visitors as Madonna.

We will be going up to Morro Santa Marta with the local elevator and there we will visit the Michael Jackson statue that was settled up one year after his death. It was settled on the same place where he recorded the video. How incredible would it be to take a picture with this legend of the pop music?

Beauty in this Favela Tour

Favela Dona Marta

We are also going to have a favela walking tour, enjoying some of the best views of Rio de Janeiro, and finally we will visit Praça Cantão that is one of the most amazing art works in Rio created by two Dutch guys. On this project, favela’s young painted houses as they got paycheck and got education. Get more info about the project here.

Come to Rio & Learn and practice Portuguese, having fun with our RioLIVE! Weekends!

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Our students love to take pictures with the colorful paintings at Dona Marta walls!
Our students love to take pictures with the colorful paintings at Dona Marta walls!

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