Easy Hike at the Sugarloaf. Students at the sugarloaf enjoying the view of Rio de Janeiro.

It was a nice but tiring hike. The most enjoyable part was getting the chance to learn new things about one another, whilst being outside of class. The wonderful views provided great photos and an experience that i definitely won’t forget.

Kai Bhullar, United Kingdom

Quick stop at the hike for a pictures with the Micos on the Sugarloaf Mountain

Quick stop for a pictures with the Micos

Only a few people know about the hiking track at one of the most famous tourist places in Rio de Janeiro, and we are those people. Our RioLIVE! took us to an easy hike at the Sugarloaf on a cozy day. So cozy that many Micos showed up to see us. These fellas are so curious that we could swear that if they had a camera they would’ve taken pictures of our group.

The clouds were low at the top but the view was still amazing. Check the pictures of our easy hike at the Sugarloaf on our Facebook page:

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View from above the clouds at the top of Sugarloaf

View from above the clouds

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