Exercising at the Sugarloaf

Encantados por el Pan de Azúcar.

Un peu de marche sportive pour gravir el Morro de Urca, puis une superbe vue et beaucoup de photos, c’était un très bon moment avec les gens de Rio & Learn

Nais Nerine, France

Ready to face the Claudio Coutinho track. Students exercising at the Sugarloaf.
Ready to face the Claudio Coutinho track!

It was a chill afternoon, but exercising at the Sugarloaf helped us getting warm. We went hiking to the top of Morro da Urca, and we totally forgot about the colder weather. We saw some micos (small monkeys) along the way and when we got to the top, one of them became our friend.

Don't worry. It's friendly!! Small monkey at the Sugarloaf Mountain.
Don’t worry. It’s friendly!!

We practice our Portuguese talking about the different parts of Rio de Janeiro that could be seen from the Sugarloaf and one of our students tried Açaí for the first time. Needless to say that she loved it!

You can find all the pictures of our afternoon in our Facebook Page!

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