Pista Cláudio Coutinho

Pista Cláudio Coutinho

At Pista Cláudio Coutinho.
At Pista Cláudio Coutinho.

Der Weg zum Gipfel des Pao de Azucar war spektakulaer: Auf dem Urwaldpfad sieht man Affen und Leguane und hat einen grossartigen Blick auf das Meer. Auf dem Gipfel des Pao de Azucar kann man sich dann zur Belohnung ein Bier goennen 🙂

Sebastian Koenig, Germany.

Last Monday we went to Pão de Açúcar, but this time, we took the Pista Cláudio Coutinho. The day was beautiful and the place has an incredible view, it was a great challenge to do the track, as it was really hot it was more difficult to go up, but we got to do it it the top of Morro da Urca.

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After the hiking, we took the bondinho to the top of Morro Pão de Açúcar, the weather changed and some clouds showed up, but this didn’t upset us. In the bondinho we did lots of jokes and we were astonished with such a beautiful view we had. But all good things must come to an end and so must our RioLIVE!. It was time to go back down, but going down was a way easier than going up. It was a fun afternoon at Pista Cláudio Coutinho.

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